The Office Christmas party has come and gone. Everyone was looking their best and on their best behavior.

Our day actually started late. The doctor and I were going to get Mani/Pedis together but she didn’t get off work until 12noon so I let her go solo. When it was time to go, a few people came up to the bar and we were all going to leave our cars there and ride together on my bus. I normally use the bus for shuttling customers back and forth to sporting events and concerts. And sure enough, there were two customers that wanted to go to the basketball game that started at the same time as our party. So the 6 or so people loaded onto the bus to go to the Christmas party along with the 2 people that were going to the game and away we went. We dropped the game people off first and then we went to pick up “Doctor Girlfriend.” I don’t think I had told her in advance that I would be picking her up in a 24 passenger school bus. She was looking pretty hot. For sure the hottest girl that has ever been on my bus. Anyway, after a short wait, she came out of her apartment and away we went. She had on the dress that I bought her last week.

We arrived at the party “fashionably late” and I introduced her all around. We sat and ate and talked and everything was going pretty well. Then, it was time for the video.

Awkward. There were a few moments in the video that could have been cut. Like me topless the first, second or third time. And the scene where I was holding up a certain piece of jewelry that I had purchased for Honey 3. Yes, I could have done without those.

But all in all, she didn’t seem bothered very much. And if she’s ok, I’m ok.

We left the party around 10 or so and after that, a lot of us ended up back at my bar where karaoke was in full swing. The night sounds so boring as I write about it here but there really weren’t any “Oh My God” moments. No one got totally trashed. No one got naked on top of any furniture. No one made the awkward flirtation or hook up. Come on guys. We’re RADIO PEOPLE! We’re supposed to make fools of ourselves and then have plenty to talk about on the next show! No such luck this time. Maybe next year.

How boring are we? We ended up buying a pizza and heading back to her place where we ran into some girlfriends of hers and they had a dance party from what I heard. I went to sleep.