You ever have that problem that just doesn’t die? Like that piece of hair that sticks up no matter what sort of haircut you get, or that DVD that you cleaned up but still skips at the same dang spot, or that zit that keeps on appearing in the same spot, even after you got that zit medicine Justin Bieber is promoting? This is exactly what is happening with the old house. New drama, fo yo mama, with a brand new llama. We are all moved out, I paid a lady to clean the crap out of the house (which was not clean when we moved in), we gave land devil (that’s her new name) a desk that we don’t need, did the walk through, and now she refuses to give us our down payment back. YAY! It’s ok, because I am going to take her all the way to Judge Judy, or small claims court. Part of me is saying, “just let it go, and call it a crappy person tax”, but the other part of me is saying, you could buy a dining room table and Christmas presents with that. So I will fight for our rights to shop. Wish me luck, I think it will turn out in our favor.

Kinsey and I also had a date night on Friday. We actually hit up one of those clubs where people drink and dance. I forgot those existed. I also forgot how entertaining people watching was:

1. I love the dude over 40 years old getting into a dance battle with another dude, no girls around, and both doing Magic Mike dance offs… what happened to breakdancing?

2. The new couple in the corner making out… or licking each other’s faces.

3. The girl who got super drunk, started crying, and is explaining the story to her friends, but has to be super animated because the music is so loud.

4. The guy who spills his drink, and acts like nothing happened… but you saw it happen.

5. My new favorite: no more go-go dancers, now they have girl’s sitting/standing still in model poses. It was scary and awesome at the same time… mostly because they would break character every time a guy would touch their buttox.

In other news, we had our Christmas party, the following night… no drunk meltdowns going on at this bad boy. In fact, we were home by 11 pm. By 3 am, I was sick with some sort of food poisoning. I have ruled the food from the party out because nobody else got sick, so it had to of been something from earlier in the day… perhaps that piece of chicken that may or may not have been older than 2 weeks. It was a gamble, that I lost, and I am paying the consequences. Luckily, this time I was sent into the bathroom to join regurgitation nation, but it was not the sort of sickness that left me laying there, it allowed me to get back up and sleep, as long as I didn’t eat anything. Good times.