I had dinner with my girl last night and some of her friends. In fact, about 20 of her friends were at this birthday dinner. I arrived late and hungry. Don’t you hate being that guy. They had been there socializing and I walk in 20 minutes late and I can’t wait to scarf down some food. But even though I didn’t know half of the people at the table and even though I showed up late, and even though I was wearing shorts and a t-shirt while everyone else was fairly well dressed, I had a great time hanging out with my girl. We are coming up on that 1-year mark.

pinkshotsMan, where has the time gone? It was almost a solid year ago that I bought her table that first round of shots. The Pink Panty shots. I served her table of three and I took one as well and the rest is history. Guys, that goes to show you…sometimes, buying a round of group shots CAN work but I will admit, the odds are against you. I have never really been that guy that would walk up to the bar and say, “a round of shots and its on me.” now, I do know a few people that are like that but that is not my regular M.O.. But when you have your own bar, it makes it way less expensive if you do want to pull that player move. And make no doubt, it’s a player move. You don’t have to be a player to pull a player move though.

So, what do I get my girlfriend after a year of putting up with me? And she does put up with me. When we go out, it’s usually to my bar. There, she has to spend at least half of her evening without me. That’s because while I’m there, there is always something for the owner to do. I’m writing a check, going to get a bottle of orange juice, talking to the valet, whatever… there’s always something to do? Then, the other half of the time, she’s taking my picture with a nice listener that has come to say hi. So, why does this girl put up with me? No, really…I’m asking. Because I really don’t know. She’s way smarter than me. Duh, she’s a doctor. She’s more than a few years younger than me. She’s beautiful. She’s really, really nice. She is a very hard worker. Man, I sound so sappy right now. And that wasn’t the purpose of this blog at all. I hope she doesn’t read this… she may start asking herself why she puts up with me as well. But, as long as she does put up with me, I’ll keep her around…

And in a totally unrelated story, I still can’t get my NEW TV in my bathroom to work. Damn!