We have always known that Kellie Rasberry is a goody goody. She has admitted it. In school, she would be picked to watch the classroom, and has said that she would tell on her own friends if they acted up. She is honest through and through. I respect that about Kellie, but we all know there are times when witholding a lil evidence won’t hurt anybody… in fact it could help somebody out. Case and point: my mom and dad.

kellie-blueMy parents drove all the way from California to come meet Chloe, and help us out while Kinsey recovers. To drive from California to my house, you gotta cross a couple of states. That means that you will encounter a few checkpoints. My mom, dad, and sister were taking turns driving. The first checkpoint was crossed while my dad was driving. No problem there. It was the second one, as they crossed from AZ to New Mexico, where they hit a small bump. My dad was in the backseat sleeping, laying across the entire back row, as my mom drove and my sister navigated. As they approached the checkpoint, my sister said my mom got very uncomfortable looking. Like she had committed some sort of crime. This automatically made her look suspicious. So what happens when they pull up and encounter the officer? He notices a Mexican dude “hiding” in the backseat. The officer tells my mom to pull off to the side, where my mom grows even more uncomfortable. Dad is still sleeping. He is a very deep sleeper. He wakes up as they roll the driver side window down, and is greeted by a man as he asks, “Are you all citizens?” Here is where the goody goody comes into play. My mom can just say, “yes, we are citizens and we are headed to visit my son and his new daughter.” The man would wave them through just like they did as they entered Arizona, which is the state that is waaaaay more susceptible to not be so kind to a Mexican immigrant, from what I read in the news.

Instead of just fibbing a lil, since my dad is technically not a citizen, but he is considered a “resident” and has a card to prove it, my mom decided to tell the truth. She looked at the officer, all frazzled, and said “two of us are.” That was the moment my dad said he got pretty nervous, because the man looked directly at my dad when she said that. He got even more nervous when the officer asked, “what about you sir?” My dad told him he was a resident. So the officer asked to see his card… which my dad forgot back home. This was the point where my dad thought he was going to be deported, which gave me an idea for a movie: instead of “The Departed”… how about “The Deported”? Right?!?! Nice! Anyways, the officer ended up allowing my dad to continue, even though he said my mom needs to not act as if she got kidnapped when she hits the next stop. Apparently, this made the rest of the drive incredibly fun, but they arrived with no problem… about 6 hours late. Good times!