It’s not everyday that you have a rapper perform at your bar but I did this past Saturday night. Juvenile was the performer and he rolled into town with his entourage of 5. He had his wife, a guy that I guess was his security guy/body guard/manager and two other dudes that didn’t do a whole lot. I guess overall, it went pretty well. The crowd was into it and things seemed to be fine. On one hand, I know these guys come in contact with a lot of bar owners/Club owners/promoters that are jerks. I realize that. And honestly, the performers that I have had in the past like Coolio, Digital Underground and Tone Loc, these guys have been awesome to work with. Juvy wasn’t bad, but out of all of them, I would have to say, he was my least favorite. Why? Well, the others seemed to be people pleasers. They took pictures with everyone that asked. Before the show, after the show…it didn’t matter. This group of people just seemed like they really didn’t want to be bothered. On stage, his performance was great. And I guess the one thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was the manager that I talked to on the phone was so adamant about Juvenile not wanting to have to put up a credit card when he checked into his hotel. I had already paid for the 4 rooms in the Omni, one of the nicest hotels in town. I mean this guy sent me 5 text messages about this subject. Then after the show, my driver took him to the hotel. Then Juvy wanted to go to the waffle house. Ok, that’s an extra cost. $75 per hour for the vehicle. But he refused to pay. Even though I had just paid him in cash, $7000. Come on dude. Its $75. Really? So, anyway, other than that, it was a great night. I just didn’t really like the way it ended. i really can’t explain that!

Speaking of unexplainable, Can someone explain why I did this Saturday morning? I woke up wanting to make an ice cream Sundae. Ok, the odd thing here is I really don’t eat ice cream. But the thing is I didn’t eat the ice cream. I just made the Sundae’s and gave them away to random customers. I went to the store. Bought 3 gallons of ice cream, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, Oreos, and made awesome ice cream sundaes. And I didn’t eat a single bite. Who does that?

Later that day, a guy was riding his motorcycle and laid it down right in front of me. He was riding in a light drizzle and I think he got caught in the trolley tracks in the street or something and baam. I went over to help him and he was scraped up but nothing was broken. He was pretty lucky. No cars were close behind him. Could have been way worse.