I remember a time when my rants would be about football, or d-bags at the club, or about Jersey Shore… not today. Today I would like to rant about people who don’t like to read signs and do what they feel like doing, while putting everyone else’s kids at risk. Oh yeah! This. Is. A. J-Si. Baby. Rant! ha! We took Cason to his 9 month checkup on Wednesday last week. Everything went well. He got his flu shot, he got looked at, and he came out all healthy and full of smiles! Fast forward to Friday around 10 am. Cason got a fever… a pretty high fever.

I had to drive down to take care of a Kidd’s Kids reveal, so Kinsey got to take care of the lil guy that entire day. She took him to the doctor again, where she was given some prescriptions that should take care of the problem. But, when I came home, there was crying, snot, humidifiers, diapers… it was a war zone. The entire weekend was spent making sure lil man could breathe, and making sure his fever did not surpass 105. We had to give him medicine, wait for the fever to go down, and then feed him. Add Cason’s patented scream, and you got a great time! Taking care of the lil man aside, this was a nightmare. Are you catching that Teen Mom fans? Yes, they are cute, and awesome to watch as they grow… but Kinsey and I had about 9 hours of sleep between Friday and Sunday.

This is where the rant begins. I will keep it short because I heard typing a lot can cause arthritis. I was thinking back, because that’s what parents are supposed to do, right? You think back to every single place you took your kid, to figure out where they got sick… I was drawing a blank. All I could think of were the book club things Kinsey was taking him to at the mall. It was not until our third call to the doctor’s office, that it hit me. They said that Cason may have gotten sick from another baby at the doctors office the day of his check up. But how? We chose this office because they had a waiting room for healthy kids, and a waiting room for sick kids. Well, some people don’t follow that, because reading a sign that is right in front of your face in big, black, block letters is very tough to do. A man came into the waiting room because his baby was sent home from day care. Put his baby all up close to Cason so that the baby could say “hi”. Comparing sizes with Cason because they were close in age. We then saw that same guy as we were leaving, and he told us that his baby had a fever. That’s why he got sent home. So this nice gentleman, decided to take his kid to the doctor, did not take the baby into the “sick waiting room” and let his kid cough and breathe all up on Cason. Thank you, sir. With that said, I am sure he did not mean any harm. I am just a sleep-deprived dad, who has to blame something. At least Cason was sick during the weekend. Kinsey and I sat on the couch last night watching Breaking Amish, as Cason finally slept, we looked at each other and busted out laughing. Why? Because both of us were sitting there covered in spit and snot from Cason, looking like we got ran over by a truck. Haha! He is a tiny lil bundle, and it takes two of us to take care of him when he is sick. How do single mothers do it?

On a lighter note: Kinsey and I had our first parent fight. As a man, it is best to agree with the woman with everything. Yeah, I stay out of the way when it comes to decorating, picking clothes, and doing Cason’s hair. Kinsey loves that. It’s her thing, but there is a lil holiday coming up, and we are not agreeing on Cason’s attire for this holiday. The holiday happens to be Kinsey’s favorite thing in the world: Halloween. She loves costumes and dressing up as a naughty/sexy (insert name here). That may change now that she is a mom, because she is fully invested in the Cason costume department. She wants to dress Cason up as a freaking owl… you heard right, an owl. I told her that can’t happen. I know it’s cute, but I really think everyone at work will end up calling Cason: Big Owl Mack. No bueno. I want Cason to dress up like a football player, or like his dad 🙂 yay!