Kidds Kids 2012 is underway. I guess I say this every year but we have a great group this year. But one of my personal favorite Kidds Kids moments ever happened last night. We were at the meet and greet dinner where the families get to know each other. Shanon was djing the party in this big ballroom and there is a huge dance area in the center of the room and several of the kids dance and burn off some of their energy of the first night at Disney. About 90 minutes into the evening, I noticed Angel, a 6 year old boy that is wheelchair bound. He got out of his wheelchair after watching the other kids dance, and he sat on the floor and danced as best he could. It was kind of a crawl dance. It was awesome to see him give it his best along side the other kids that could stand.

Then Courtney, another wheelchair bound kid, got out of her wheelchair and she crawl/danced as well. Kellie and I sat on the floor and sat and danced as well. That’s when the amazing part happened. One by one, the kids that could stand and dance on their own, noticed the kids sitting and dancing and they began to sit and dance. Before long, there were 10-15 kids sitting and dancing, smiling laughing, and just being kids. Some could stand on their own and some couldn’t but they all sat and danced together. For that moment, they were all the same. None were wheelchair bound, none were tied to their walkers…they just sat and danced. It was the single coolest thing I think I have ever seen happen between a group of kids that didn’t even know each other 8 hours earlier.

Kidds Kids rocks!

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