Every couple of weeks, I will need to do laundry and if you know anything about me, you know I HATE doing laundry. So, I will pay a lady to come and straighten up my house and she does the laundry as well. And I happen to have this HUGE State fair sized stuffed Bear that sits in the corner of my bedroom. So, a couple of days ago when the lady cleaned my apartment, she put the big giant teddy bear on top of my bed after she made the bed up. Last night when I went to bed, I didn’t even take the giant bear off my bed. I had spent a couple hours at my parents house so when I got home around midnight, I just got in bed with my back to the big bear. And I have no idea what time I woke up in the middle of the night but I turned over and opened my eyes and there was this HUGE Figure just looking at me and I’m surprised my neighbors didn’t come check on me because I let out the loudest “Man-Scream” that I think I have ever yelled before in my life. I’m really not the scariest guy out there but that freaked me out like nothing has in a long time.

This weekend, its another date with the doctor. I think after the few afternoons that we have spent together, it may be time…I’m going to actually pop the question. No not THAT question. I’m going to ask her if she thinks she is ready to take it to the next level and become “Honey #4?” I mean I think its time. We get along pretty well. And lets face it. I’m trying to do a radio show here. Haha. There will be no bench building. There will be no gift buying. The greatest part about this thing is she had no idea that I was on the radio when we met. At least that’s her story. She has only been here in town about a year and was hanging out with friends at my bar when we met. And if you can’t date your customers from time to time, why buy a bar? J

Speaking of the bar, every city has the one weekend where lots of people show up for something. Savannah has the St. Patrick’s Day celebration and parade. New Orleans has Mardi Gras. Well, this weekend is a huge football weekend. It’s the Red River Classic TX/OU football game. It’s easily the busiest weekend all year as far as the number of people in town getting drunk. And if you own a sports bar, this is the weekend where you expect the biggest crowd of the year. In fact, a group has rented out the bar on the night before the game. They paid to have the bar exclusively theirs. No one has ever done that at my bar since the time that I bought it. Then there is Game day. In years past, I have had tents set up in the parking lot and bands have played etc. I remember one year during halftime of the game, I got on the loud speaker in the bar and got everyone to come out to the street and we blocked the traffic and we all did the electric slide for 2 minutes. This year it’s a pretty big deal as well.

Maybe I can pay J-Si this year to lead us in the “Gangham Style” flash mob in the middle of the street??? That would be awesome. Anyway, It’s (usually) the weekend where I actually plan stuff but I really don’t have a plan this time. But, this is when all of my years of having parties and barbeques at my house come in handy. But man, the more stuff you have planned, the more stuff I stress out about. It’s like Black Friday of retail. It’s the day that makes or breaks our football season. Wow, all this pressure this weekend with Honey 4 and the game. This is going to be a heck of the weekend. And I am fully expecting something to go wrong. I’m a pretty optimistic person but if someone pranks me this weekend, I may fall over like the QVC lady.