Have you ever seen your friends do something that makes you think they are complete idiots or airheads, but then you think about it and realize they may be geniuses? I have seen it with the buddy who is a complete jerk to a hot girl. We sit there and call him an idiot. A few minutes later she is begging him for attention, and a few months later they are in a committed relationship. Genius! Or they act like complete hoochies on reality TV. They get called idiots… and end up making millions of dollars. Genius! It happens all around us. There is a completely logical reason to some people’s madness.

I would like to introduce you to the latest member of this club: My wife, Kinsey. Haha. We have done a bit about Kinsey on the show, and it is loosely based on the shenanigans I have experienced being with her. She just likes to live life to the fullest. She says what is on her mind. She is willing to make herself look silly. But, in the end, she is a great wife, mother, and best friend. Those silly qualities she has are the reason I love being with her. Anyways, today she went to the sketchy part of town. Why? Because she wanted to go buy a pumpkin for Cason to paint on. She was there yesterday and could have picked one up then, but she waited. The parking lot had a bunch broken glass all over the place. I would say it was 50% car windows, and 50% bottles of malt liquor. I have never bought anything extremely expensive because I am a huge fan of saving the moneys. If I buy designer clothing, it is done at Ross or at Nordstrom Rack. But, since Kinsey gave birth to a human, and had Christmas around the same time, I decided to splurge on her. She deserved it. She always talks about purses, so I bought her very first expensive designer purse. It hurt to see the receipt, but for the first time ever (besides the engagement) she was genuinely surprised/flabbergasted/excited! I did a good job… finally! I suck at gifts, if you couldn’t tell.

She had her purse with her, because she always has it with her, but realized it would be a bad idea to take it with her since we were not in the best part of town. Smart! She decided to hide it in the car. I was walking ahead as she locked up. We went in, bought a tiny pumpkin, Cason threw it, it broke, we bought a slightly larger one, and we headed out to the parking lot. As we approached Kinsey’s car, she stopped, and screamed, “no, no, no!” I looked up, and I was equally shocked. No, we did not see a naked homeless man. We were shocked to see that her drivers side door was wide open… WIDE. FREAKING. OPEN!

You know what happens, right? People who are involved in the crime game tend to get good at it. They scout people. They hide out and notice the small things as the casually walk by, like a woman hiding an expensive purse in a car. Once that person walks away, feeling like they secured their belongings, they keep walking, wait about 10 minutes, and then they break in and take it very quickly… because they have seen where the hiding took place. It happens all the time. So we run up to the car, but the window was not broken. The doors were locked. Strange! How did this happen? Kinsey hurried to where she hid the purse, and it was there. Nothing was taken from the car… hmmm. Here’s what happened: I don’t know how, or why, but Kinsey hid the purse, and walked away. Notice something missing? Perhaps the closing of the door? Yup, my wife left her car door wide open for an hour. Idiot, right? No! Genius!!! See, if a criminal walks up to the car, looking to break in, and notices that the door was left wide open they will think one of two things:

1. Someone beat them to it


2. It’s a sting operation!

So if you don’t want people to break into your car, just leave your door wide open. Problem solved. So we got the pumpkin, and we learned how to make sure people don’t break your car window! Good times!

Disclaimer: this probably wont work.

Also, we are back on the house hunting deal… as of today, we are officially back to square one. Yay… except for all the money lost. Boo to that. Yay to finding something better.