Thanksgiving has come and gone and I didn’t burn my house (or my bar) down. Considering the fact that I fried about 40 turkeys, I think that is quite an accomplishment. But they tasted great. If you haven’t fried a turkey before, try it sometime. Just make sure that you don’t submerge it in the fryer to fast or you will have an inferno on your hands. That concludes cooking tips by Big Al Mack. Bit idea: we should all give instructions on how to do stuff that we have never done before. Trust me, before last Wednesday, I had NEVER fried a turkey before but now I feel like I’m an expert. I’m like a Turkeyologist.

savethedateThe rest of the weekend was actually pretty uneventful. After Dr. Girlfriend left the Thanksgiving dinner, my family kept hinting around and asking questions like, “do I need to buy a dress?” or stuff like, “Do I need to save the date?” Man, I knew that girls got quizzed about that kind of stuff after bringing someone home for dinner in the Holidays. But I didn’t know guys get quizzed like that too. But apparently, we do.

Well, if you were at the Mckinney Avenue Tavern on Saturday night, you got to witness the Big Al/J-si concert extravaganza. We didn’t get to carried away but we did sing 2-3 songs together on the Karaoke stage. Nailed it!

I wish I had more to report from the long holiday weekend but it really was pretty low key. No shopping, No trips to the Mall. No movies. Just a few days off and now its back to work and time for me to figure out what my b-day plan is for later this month and time to start my Christmas shopping.