Thanksgiving was a success… kind of. Nice dinner at my sister in law’s house. Her boyfriend cooked, and I ate, a lot. I really wish I was into cooking. All the girls were talking about how awesome his turkey was. And how awesome his mashed potatoes were. And how awesome the rolls he made were. Nobody talked about how awesome the board games that I brought over were… probably because we didn’t play them. So it sounds like a great night right? Nope. I got a nice little Thanksgiving migraine. It’s my first one in a long time. And if I want to look at the bright side of things, it got me out of Black Friday Shopping. My entire day was spent trying to get my head to feel right again. Migraines are the worst. Luckily Kinsey called my mom, who gets those things all the time, and she took care of me. I am a lucky dude.

To continue the bragging about my wife theme, Kinsey decided that we needed a date night on Saturday. She got us a babysitter, and we decided to just go have fun. It’s been pretty stressful with two lil ones. Cason is in his temper tantrum stage, and Chloe is into the “I don’t want to do anything, but I want you to hold me while I do nothing” stage. Our date night was great… until we finished dinner, and realized it was only 8 pm. This means nobody is out and about yet. We quickly realized we did not really know what was going on in the night scene, so we ended up at Al’s bar. We sang some songs, and just like that, our curfew had arrived. Man, my curfew in high school was later than the one we had on Saturday. At 11 o’clock, we were home and getting in bed. Wait to have children, children!

tree-shoppingSunday was our big day. We bought our first Christmas tree! Weird, I know, but we usually go home to San Diego for the holidays, so we have never felt the need to buy one. This year, we are staying home. This is the second time we have stayed home, the first time was right after Cason was born, and we didn’t get a tree that year, because we were busy dealing with a newborn. Basically, we were scared that a real tree would harm Cason’s lungs. Second kid, you don’t freak out as much. So we set out to get one. As we walked into the lot, a guy looks at us and says, “you’re from San Diego?” I was wearing my chargers uniform. Dont worry, I put pants over my football pants, so that Kinsey would not be embarrassed. Turns out that this guy just moved here, lives with his girlfriend, who was also there, and he freaking grew up in the same town I grew up in! He went to my rival high school! What are the odds. He was three years younger than me, so we didn’t know the same people. We had a cool conversation. They live close to us. Kinsey and his girl were getting along… and then, tree buying experience was over.

We walked inside home depot to buy some lights, and then we saw them again. Had some more nice conversation, and walked out at the same time as them. We started loading the kids in the car, they were loading their stuff… and then it hit me. I told Kinsey that we should get their number. I asked if she had a business card on her, and she didn’t. Luckily, I had one in my wallet. Yes, I have my wife’s business card. I got out of the car, as they were backing out of their spot a few feet away. I thought he would have seen me in the mirror, but he started driving away. Dang. So what did I do? I started running after their car, with the business card over my head. Why? I don’t know, but it was too late. I didn’t catch up. When I got into the car, head hung down, Kinsey was laughing hysterically at me. She said I looked like I was in a romantic comedy movie. I told her that I was screaming, “wait, we want to be friends!” as I ran, and that made her laugh even more.

We failed at making couple friends again. This always happens. I don’t even remember their names, because I was so excited thinking about having a new chargers watching buddy. But maybe it’s for the better. They don’t have kids. We do. They live in the party area, where Kinsey and I lived for years. We are in the burbs. They had a sports car. I was in the Mommy SUV with two car seats. Or maybe I can just write our encounter on a craigslist ad, and they will read it somehow. Yeah, that will work.