Last night was date night…I guess. Can date night be shared with 4 other people? I guess so. We went to this wine tasting thing at a restaurant and “Dr. Girlfriend” invited a few other people. It was one of handsheartthose deals where they bring out several courses of food and then a different wine with each course. It was pretty cool to do something different like that. Fortunately, there was one other guy there and we ended up sitting next to each other. It’s kinda funny how women want us to go out with them but they almost always end up spending the evening talking to the other women.

Way to go William and Kate. Hollywood celebrities take note. That’s how you do it. In this stupid world we live in, pictures seem to be all the rage. Pregnancy pictures, drunk pictures, inappropriate pictures, selling the pictures to magazines…so yesterday, it was so GREAT to see William and Kate, the most famous couple in the world, come out of the hospital less than 48 hours after she gave birth, with baby in hand for the world to see. No waiting around to see who would get the first picture. No waiting on the premiere of her TV show. No waiting on her CD release party or for her book to be released. They came out and showed us all what true class looks like. Personally, I could care less about the royal baby or royal anything, except Crown Royal, but they showed everyone how to do it! Good job!

Guess who’s coming to perform at the MAT…ok, I can’t say yet. The contract isn’t signed and I don’t want to jinx it. But I will say that I believe more people have seen this guy perform than anyone else I’ve ever had before. Hmmmm