Ok, now that this baby is out, can we focus on what’s really important? The return of NFL to our lives for 17 long glorious weeks. ESPN knows that we are all longing for football. That’s all they are talking al-footballabout. College or pro football? It doesn’t even matter. It’s football time. I almost feel sorry for baseball. It just gets swallowed up at this time of year. Everyone is looking for their jerseys to dust them off and get them ready. Guys are getting their friends together to discuss their fantasy drafts. Guys like me that own sports bars are getting their last minute plans together to make full advantage of this time of year. I found myself yesterday, looking online for a giant inflatable football to put in my parking lot. I’ve even hired a performer to come in and play during halftime of the first game. Dude, it’s football time all up and down!

All of this football talk has got me forgetting about something that is way more important. My sister is moving to California. Other than college, my sister has never lived anywhere other than here. In fact, my entire (small) family has always lived in the same city. And now, that ends today. So to my sister, I love you and good luck as you enter the next phase in your life.