Big Al’s Blog: We’re back
Big Al’s Blog: We’re back

What did I do over Spring break? Something really cool and exotic? Something sexy and exciting? Not really. I actually, for the first time in 12 years, stayed in town. I woke up every morning at 7 and was at the gym by 8 a.m. I actually drove in “traffic.” That was different. I worked out for about 45 minutes every morning and then hit the steam room as well as the hot tub. I went out to eat maybe 3-4 times and it was usually food to-go. Shocker! Dr. Girlfriend and I spent most afternoons or evenings together. It was nothing too exciting but yet, it was cool to NOT have to do anything.

I guess the most exciting thing was I was in the St. Patricks day parade. It was me and about 24 people riding in my bus that was decorated up. The MATMOBILE is a 1994 yellow Short bus that has the name of my bar on it. Most of us had on festive wear and we waved at people and passed out beads that I had bought a week or so ago. And yes, we consumed a beer or three. That was actually a lot of fun! I kept thinking, man, I should go get on a plane and hop down to Mexico but as each day passed, I was more and more ok with not going this time. My girlfriend couldn’t go and that was one reason I didn’t want to go. Not to mention that last minute flight to Cancun is NOT cheap, especially during Spring Break week. I did miss not going down there…but there will be another day for another trip to Mexico.

Another “highlight” came just yesterday. It was an impromptu family reunion. Ok, it wasn’t the entire family. I stopped by my mom’s house and she was walking out the door to go see my dad. Boom, lets ride together. Spend some mommy-son time together on the way to see dad. We got there and 5 minutes later, my sister and her husband walked in. I know this is no big deal but it was just funny how none of us had talked to each other but we all ended up at the same place at the same time.

Earlier, that morning while I was walking into church, I saw a paramedic pulling into the church parking lot. A lady had apparently fainted because of low blood pressure. The message at church was to pray for one another, so if you are a praying person, please take a moment to pray for this lady. Sorry, I don’t know her name but I have a feeling God knows!

josh-hendersonJosh Henderson from the show “Dallas” stopped by the bar Saturday night. And dang it, if I’m gonna give you a free drink, you’re going to earn it. Haha…I brought him behind the bar and got him to bartend for about 30 minutes. He was pretty cool about it. He took pics and did a shot or two with some of the ladies! And since we are talking about celebrities…did anyone else see Bon Jovi walking around yesterday. I could have sworn it was him and people were just passing by him as if he was just any other dude walking down the street.

I did discover two new shows that I think were pretty great. One was called “Girls” and the other one is “Shameless.” The are both on Showtime but if you haven’t seen them, check em out. Damn it…I did miss Duck Dynasty and someone emailed me to let me know I missed the 4 hour marathon of “The United States of Bacon.” That would have made my Spring Break complete.