30 years ago, on this date, this guy was born to a teenage mother in Mexico City. I am not a big birthday guy, never have been. For some reason, the attention makes me uncomfortable at times, which is weird because I love attention. I never had the big birthday bashes. My birthday’s were usually spent with my mom, dad, and a friend or two. As I grew older, Kinsey tried to change that, but I still liked keeping it calm.

For some reason, everyone tells me that 30 is the biggest of the birthdays. I personally thought that at 18 and then again at 21. 30 Doesn’t really have anything cool, or new, besides just realizing that I have completed about 1/3 of my life. haha. I am technically protesting against 30, if you want me to be honest. I hired a trainer to help me look like I am 21 again because I was told that there is no way to stay looking young or in shape once you hit that 3-0 by a buddy. I still act like a teenage guy. My waistline of my pants has been staying away from my bellybutton… yup, no dad jeans for me just yet. I listen to Justin Bieber’s music (just kidding…kind of… it’s for work, don’t judge!)… you know what? I think all of that is a midlife crisis starter kit. Don’t worry, I wont be buying a red corvette anytime soon… mostly because they are expensive. I also wont be leaving my wife for a 21 year old foreigner. So I think I am safe from that for now.

I think I got more excited for Cason’s birthday, and that will continue. His birthday actually means something to me. That was the day my life was changed. So far, it’s the best day of my life, unless I meet Eminem and become best friends with him. That will create a first place tie. I felt like I reached manhood on that day. It is up to me to be the best dad for him, and as every year passes, I will be able to reflect and see how I have been doing. You know what I do on my birthday? I reflect and realize all the dumb things I have done on my birthday in the past. Don’t get me wrong, they make me and my friends laugh, but they aren’t things I would consider to be life changing moments.

Seriously, what did I really do on my birthday? Nothing. I showed up to the party, ate, peed, cried, kept my mom, my uncle, and my grandma awake for many nights, and didn’t even bother to cover my goodies up when I popped out. But you know what? I still appreciate all the love that is sent my way! So thank you to my family and friends (if you are reading this, that includes you… unless you don’t like me, then never mind) for making me feel special!

You know who has really made me feel special every single year since I was 19 years old? Kinsey. dessertLast night, she stayed in the kitchen for an hour cooking me my favorite dessert: arroz con leche, because I always complain that no restaurants have it. Not only did she make it, but she used a traditional recipe. Not a recipe with shortcuts. It actually almost made me tear up… probably because I am becoming more sensitive with age. I also told her not to worry about planning anything for my birthday this year because she is pregnant, and I didn’t want her stressing, but she did anyways. She planned a lunch and a dinner with my friends. I don’t need extravagant or lavish gifts… it’s the little things she does that make me feel special.