Have you ever sat around and asked yourself “What ever happened to this person or that person? Sure, I could satisfy my curiosity by googling but I thought it would be way more fun to just ask the question and then come up with my own answers. So, here we go…

balloonkidWhat ever happened to:

That guy that said his kid was in the balloon that flew way up in the air? It was on CNN all day long and finally the balloon contraption landed in a field somewhere and then it was revealed that there was no kid in the contraption at all…

My Answer: Well, the kid ended up becoming a pilot for Spirit Airlines.

Whatever happened to that Chilean Miner that was one of the 30 or so that was trapped and then it was revealed that he had a girlfriend and a wife?

My Answer: That guy is actually going to be the next “Bachelor.”

What ever happened to Joe Millionaire? You remember him right? He was looking for love and then it was revealed that he really wasn’t a millionaire at all.

My Answer: He went on to invent the “Go Go pillow” and now he actually is a millionaire but he can’t get a chick because no one believes him.

What ever happened to Duncleman? I know I didn’t spell that right but you remember him? He was the co-host with Ryan Seacrest during the first season of American Idol.

My Answer: He is now the personal assistant for Jon Gosselin.

Whatever happened to Antoine Dodson? The guy that gave us the “Hide yo wife, hide yo kids…”

My Answer: No one knows…he went into hiding and no one can find him.

You see how much more fun it is to ask the question and then, come up with your own answer? That’s way more fun than googling the truth…try it.

Ask a whatever happened to question and then come up with your own answer and post it here.