Big Al’s Blog: Yeah I’m a pillow hugger
Big Al’s Blog: Yeah I’m a pillow hugger

Are there any other guys out there that are willing to admit that they are pillow huggers? In fact, at one time, I was the proud owner of a body pillow and oddly enough, I think someone stole it or something. No, really. I think someone stole it. It was like all of a sudden, it was just gone. Isn’t it funny how things just disappear? I can’t possibly be the only person that this happens to. I mean it’s just gone. The same thing happened to my Christmas tree stand. It just freaking vaporized. Anyway, back to the pillow thing.

Is that normal for a man to snuggle up with a pillow? Is it a sign of something? Am I having Honey withdrawals? Speaking of which, Honey 2 is coming into town today. She is in town to see some friends and to go to the big College game in town and I think she is going to the fair as well. You remember honey 2 right? 2 trips to Mexico and then she finally moved back home, Out of state.
The doctor, or potential, future Honey 4, went out with the girls last night so there is nothing to report there. Well, that may not be exactly true. I went to buy my mom a Manicure/Pedicure yesterday because she has been kinda stressed out lately and while I was there buying one for my mom, I kinda bought another one for Honey 4. Too soon?
Na, its just a Mani/Pedi, right?

Well, it’s the big weekend at my bar. It’s the biggest, busiest college game weekend of the season down here. The Fair is in town and there will be more people running around here this weekend than any other weekend.