Sure there are obvious ways that you know its over. Wedding ring…yup, that’s a biggie. Maybe when you give your significant other the key to your house or apartment. And I have been dating the same girl for a year and a half so there’s not many big secrets between us. She hears me talking to friends and on the radio from time to time so pretty much everything is out there. But yesterday was pretty big. Monumental might be a better way to describe it. and I know I say this a lot but yesterday I did something that I have never done before in a relationship. It wasn’t something that I did voluntarily but then again, when she asked, I really didn’t hesitate to do it. And what’s even more amazing, when she asked me, I didn’t ask “Why?” what the hell am I talking about?

passwordlockedWell, yesterday, December 10th, 2013 at 6:47pm, my girlfriend sent me a text message asking me….for my Facebook login and password. I have to admit, it kind of stunned me. What did she really need this for? Was she trying to check up on me? was there something that she was looking for? Had I done something to make her wonder? NO, according to her, she just wanted to log on and since she closed her account over a year ago, she hasn’t been able to do that. so she just wanted to log on and browse. I guess. At least that was her story. So, I believe her. and yes, I gave it to her without hesitation. You know its over when you give your girl your login and password!