Had one of those jam packed weekends again… I totally need a “chill and relax” weekend!

Kinsey let me have a me weekend since I have been out of town for the last few weeks and didnt get to celebrate my birthday. My weekend started off with getting a tattoo. Yes, I got another one, but I am almost done with my arm piece. Once that is completed I can say I will be done for a while… or until summer is over because I dont get tattoos during summer… mostly because you can’t swim or go out in the sun until they heal.

This is the tattoo, its a Mexican sugar skull. My mom was born on Nov. 2nd, which is “Day of the Dead” in Mexico… I know we are not talking at the moment, but I have had this planned out from the beginning. This sits just below the cross with my uncle’s name, just like the tattoo with Cason’s hand print. That way, my uncle can watch over them. My artist’s name is Gerald and he works at Last Angels, just in case you wanted to ask me 🙂

On Saturday we headed down to Tyler, Tx. to party at Ladies Night Out. I would definitely say that the place was packed with fans… Peter Facinelli, from Twilight, fans. Lots of them! Way more than I have seen in the past. So we mostly sat there as woman after woman met him and walked past us. There were those kind ladies who would stop at our table to make us feel good about ourselves, and I appreciate them. The night was only beginning as we headed back home.

I was having my first full on boys night out since the baby. I was completely tired, but I pushed through. I did manage to only have one drink. How did I do manage to do that while hanging out with Bad Influence Paul? Here is the trick: When the waitress asks you what you want to drink, tell her to give you a water, but to dress it up like a cocktail, no matter what. If they order me a drink, I want water. It’s that simple. I was doing fine until Bad Influence Paul caught me. It was towards the end of the night, so he couldn’t do much about it. You know what also happened at the end of the night? I was approached by a weird chick. A woman in her mid 30s, with huge fake boobs, no bra, short amber hair, and a very tight dress. She walked by holding hands with some European looking dude. You know, the guy with the short blonde hair, really tight muscle tee, and weird ripped up jeans, with the pointy dress shoes… probably listens to weird Euro techno music. That guy. She lets go of his hand, and makes her way towards me, and ends up next to me. She starts asking me what I am doing, and whats happening after the club, and if I am a Musician. I tell her I am just hanging with my buddies, and then going home to the family. She then says, “I know you have time to party!” Thats when I said what I thought was an intelligent assumption, and what also made my friends bust out laughing. I asked her this: “are you some sort of escort, or something?” Her eyes got huge when I asked that question. My buddies Paul, Reggie, and Chip all bust out with a laugh, and she says, “why would you think that? I was ditched by my driver and I am trying to have a good time!” She promptly walked away. If she was not an escort, I apologize. She then walked about 3 feet and ended up trying to chat it up with Reggie, who happens to be a former pro athlete and looks the part. She stayed for another 4 minutes and left. She told Reggie that her husband had ditched her… completely different story than the “driver left me” one. Is that normal? I had never been approached by an escort like that. She did walk away with a nice red stain on her boob from the ink on my brand new tattoo.

Heres how the weekend was capped off… and the main reason I did not drink the Saturday night: I took my lil man to the mall so that he could get his picture taken with some bunnies for Easter. So, for your personal enjoyment, here is Cason with bunnies:

Moral of the story: if you are an escort, don’t rub up on dudes. It’s kinda slutty and you may end up with red ink on your boob, from a brand new tattoo. True story.