Big Al’s Blog: After Dreams Comes Reality
Big Al’s Blog: After Dreams Comes Reality

Friday, I did get a chance to dream for a while. Friday morning, I bought lottery tickets for everyone on the show. So we could all dream for a little while; what would we do with all of that money? So, then I went another step. I bought 500 more lottery tickets and I gave a ticket to every customer that came into my bar Friday evening. More tickets, more people, more dreams. Obviously, none of us won the big prize. Now I have to sign the leftover tickets and take them to the store and run them through the machine.

Saturday morning, my phone rang. It was one of the guys that was cleaning up the bar. He said something that really makes me not like people. He told me that as he was cleaning up, he noticed that there was lots of dirt around the gas tank of my bus. (I bought this older “short bus” that we use to take people back and forth to the basketball and hockey games.) anyway, apparently, someone had scooped up a handful of dirt from a plant or flowerbed and they put the dirt in my gas tank. Who does this? Does this sound like fun late on a Friday night as you are walking home drunk? What’s the purpose??? Like I said, that’s one of those things that makes you not like people.

The next phone call I received on Saturday morning was even worse. It was a frantic lady saying, “Al, I have a serious problem!” it was a lady that rents a house from me. she said, “there is a water leak and the ceiling is on the floor!” I rushed over to see for myself and sure enough, the entire ceiling in the living room, approx 10’ X15’, was on the floor. The sheetrock, insulation, everything was on the floor and there was 2 inches of water on the floor. It was a mess. And meanwhile the water is still pouring in. I went to the water meter and looked for the little lever to shut the water off. There was so much mud in it, I couldn’t find it. I dug through the mud with my bare hands. So here I am on Saturday morning, digging through mud, on my hands and knees. Good Morning! Meanwhile, my tenant is way upset that all of her stuff is ruined. Oh, did I mention that she runs a consignment furniture store out of this house. filed with antiques, area rugs, everything.

And as upset as she was, she still found a tiny bit of humor in the situation. I was trying to crack an occasional joke just to make her smile here and there. I helped her clean up for a couple of hours and I had to leave. Hello, State Farm!

Then it was time to travel. Tyler, TX on Saturday afternoon, then Oklahoma City on Sunday to see Honey 2. more on those trips tomorrow.