It’s official! Cason has said his first word, although there is debate over if it’s actually a word or not. It happened for the first time on Sunday, but I didn’t think much of it, and it happened again yesterday. What is this mystery word/noise that keeps coming out of Cason’s mouth? It’s the good ol fashioned “oh oh!” He said it after he dropped his toy and Kinsey said it. We thought it was a lucky thing. So I said it right, and he repeated it! Two times could still be luck. So Kinsey saw this as an opportunity to peg me in the face with one of his toys, and said “oh oh”… Cason repeated it. Ok, three times means its for reals! So when something is for reals, we get the camera… and thats when he decided to stop repeating the word. Classic. He got sidetracked by how cool my flip cam looks.

Let’s fast forward to yesterday, he was sitting in his high chair, like a champ! He dropped his bottle, which somehow broke open and spilled everywhere, looked over the side of his chair at the spilled milk, and put his hands up to his face as he said “oh oh!” So I ran and got the camera again, picked up the bottle and had it fall again… nothing! But two days in a row is pretty good, and he copied what I did the day before, when Kinsey pegged me in the face.

I was really hoping that his first word would be “papa”, since we spend about 2 hours a day practicing… aka, I say it over and over again with no response from him. Oh well, at least his mouth works.

And after watching The Bachelorette “Men Tell All” episode, I have decided that my favorite dude on that show is Ryan, the guy with the funny hair, but got it fixed for the taping, and messed it up by growing a Jersey Shore beard. His sense of humor is pretty hilarious. Probably not hilarious for the woman that ends up with him, but hilarious if you are a dude who wants to laugh at manly sarcasm! The rest of the show was very “blah!”