We did it!!! We survived traveling with a baby! Cason did not cry on the way there, or on the way back, but that did not stop some people from giving us the death glare as we boarded the plane. Naturally, we ended up boarding last, and we were sitting in the back. Apparently, you are allowed to board way earlier if you have a kid, but I never heard any sort of instruction that said we could jump on… and Kinsey was too busy buying Starbucks both times because, you know, you want to be super awake when you get on a plane. It’s ok, I managed to spill my Starbucks both times. On the way there I spilled on a man who was sitting near the front of the plane. On the way home I spilled it as I handed my ticket to the flight attendant… and I spilled it on her. I am super awesome!

Did you know that when you travel home with your new baby for the first time you learn some other things? Like, its not a vacation… its a make sure the baby is ok in an environment he is not used to time. We did just fine, but it was definitely different. We couldn’t just get up and go visit friends. Each time, we had to get everything set up, make sure the diaper bag was ready, and set up the car seat. Or we had to see if someone wanted to watch him for a short time. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but it gets pretty annoying. Did we forget the diaper bag at all this trip? Heck yeah! We forgot it, drove all the way to the beach, and then realized it. It was rush hour traffic, by the way. So we had the pleasure of sitting in bumper to bumper for a nice 45 minute drive with a baby screaming in the backseat.

We actually headed to the mall to buy Kinsey a couple of shirts because her sister’s cat peed all over Kinsey’s luggage. Apparently the cats don’t like us because as I was packing the morning of our flight home, the cat got in my luggage, stared at me, and squatted… twice. All my hats, couple shirts, and a pair of jeans were struck. Next time I am going to bring my dogs and if the cats wanna get down, we can get down.

Now, here’s where this vacation gets a lil sketchy. I actually did not want to go home this spring break. Mostly because I knew it would feel like a semi ran me over when we got back… which it did. The other reason was because I wanted to save myself from any sort of disappointment. Kinsey told me not to worry about it, that everything would be fine. So there we are, in San Diego, in our old stomping grounds. Cason got to meet everyone from Kinsey’s side of the family. On my side, there are only three family members who live in SD: mom, dad, and sister. My mom has already met him, and my dad and sister had not. So should I be disappointed that I tried to get my dad and sister to come down all week to meet him, and I did not hear back from my dad until the end of the week because he was pretty busy with work. I also think he was trying to smooth things out and get my mom on board to come down. Well, imagine sitting out front with your baby, waiting for your parent’s car to pull up… hoping that your mom, sister, and dad are in the car… hoping that you can put any sort of problems off to the side for one day, so that your dad and sister can hang out with your new baby.

It seemed like the longest 5 minutes of my life. Here I am, thinking that I am going to get surprised, hoping that all of them will be in that car. The car made the turn, and there he is… just my dad. My sister didnt even come out because she “had something to do.” There it is. I am sitting there, three days before my birthday, thinking this will be a big surprise and only my dad showed up. I tried not to show that it got to me, but it did. I had a good trip, saw a lot of my old friends, and all I can think of is how my family did not call, text, or come see me or my son. I will fight through this, and I will get over it, but right now it feels like salt was poured into a wound.

In lighter news, I did go to the gym with Kinsey’s dad. He works at my old university, so we go to the campus gym and get this: I got invited to a party by two blonde girls! I was waiting to get into the next basketball game when they came up to me guy and asked if I wanted to come to their party… and then I uncrossed my arms and they saw my tattoo with Cason’s hand print… things came to a halt. They stopped talking until one of them asked what “that” was. I told them it was my son’s hand print. Then one asked me how old I was, which I answered with no problem, and they shuffled off as they said the name of the complex they live in. No apartment number, address, or when it starts. They probably thought I was too fertile to be hung out with. Kinsey is now super excited about my tattoo because it will get me a some “awwww ” factor, but it repels girls away. Good times!

speaking of “awwww” factor… here’s my b-day present from Cason:

Moral of the story: If you smell cat pee… I am nearby.