I would like to announce that Stewart the pimple is still with us. I think he did a lil GTL, because he got bigger, and gained a lil color. This guy is now getting in the way of my sleep because, if this bad boy touches anything, a shock of pain travels through my body. Hopefully, this thing goes away by May 13th- May 15th… Why? Because Oprah’s people called me yesterday and it is all systems go. They are coming out here with a camera crew to film me and do some interviews. I don’t really remember all the details because they called while I was driving Kinsey over to the hospital, and I was a lil flustered. But I do remember the dates. Is this going to be a good idea? I don’t know, I guess time will tell.

And yes, you read correctly… I had to drive Kinsey to the hospital so that she could get checked out by a doctor. Kinsey had been throwing up all night on Tuesday going into Wednesday, and I made a couple jokes in the office about her hopefully not being pregnant again. Well, it’s all fun and games, until your wife faints, and is unconscious/out of it, for 20 minutes… while your 4 month old baby who is a maniac, when it comes to moving and rolling, is on the changing table 4 feet above the ground. Apparently, Kinsey was trying to call me as soon as she realized what happened, but my phone does not get any reception in the office. She then tried calling Shanon, but she was next door. Luckily, Kellie answered her phone and was able to let me know. So I ran out and got home in about 5 minutes. I live about 10 minutes away, by the way.

As I drove home, everything started sinking in. What if Cason would have rolled over and fallen? What if something is seriously wrong with Kinsey? How much more money will be added on to our huge medical pile of bills that is almost at about $10,000 last I checked, with insurance help. Luckily, Cason was ok, but he did manage to pee all over the place while Kinsey was passed out, and he did get a hold of his diaper full of poo and threw it on the ground. Other than that, he was all good. Kinsey is suffering from food poisoning, dehydration, and stress… pretty much what happened to me when I fainted. Yes, having a kid, working, and not sleeping can be hazardous to your health.

Kinsey is doing better, but is still pretty sick and weak… but hey, at least I am gonna get on Oprah. Cup half full.