One of the first things I did on the first night of vacation was insult a hot girl. So, what’s new right? I was talking to this girl at a bar where I had ordered food to go and for whatever reason, I got her number. I really don’t even remember why. I think guys sometimes just get girls numbers to see if we can. Anyway, I put an “8” after her name which is standard protocol when I get a girls number but what I don’t normally do is tell them that I have given them an “8.” She wasn’t too happy to be called an 8 but like I said, it really didn’t matter. I never called her anyway.

My mind was elsewhere. NU CHICK! I tried to get her to go. I just knew that if I showed her the ticket, she would try to get off work but she didn’t. Well, she said she tried but how would I really know? Nu chick didn’t go to Mexico and there I was with an extra ticket in her name. And FYI, airline tickets are impossible to change into someone else’s name so I wouldn’t advise doing what I did…. I threw it all at her to try to make her want to go with me but it didn’t work. I did the usual courting stuff like Flowers, dinner, a card…but nothing worked. You know how you feel when you try to do nice stuff for a person and they say they appreciate it but you still feel kinda stupid for doing it because they don’t accept your “gift” or whatever? That’s pretty much how I felt when I heard her say she wasn’t going. But I tried to make the best of it. I went to Mexico with my empty “1F” seat next to me. Then, the trip to the hotel was another reminder that she turned me down as I traveled to the hotel in the van SOLO! Ugh…

Honestly, I think she is still hung up on her previous boyfriend, actually, fiancé.. I’m trying to not “over text” her but I’m pretty much sucking at that. I had this ex girlfriend one time that was texting the crap out of me and it was terrible. But I’m sure I have been guilty of not letting her (Nu Chick) “miss” me. no, I won’t let Kidd read the text messages but trust me, I have sent way too many! Oh well.

At least I didn’t waste my money buying her souvenirs after she didn’t come with me on the trip…oh wait, yes I did. Ha… man, being whipped is awful. I don’t think I have been this whipped since, well, I don’t know when. This isn’t healthy at all. I need therapy or maybe some type of support group for guys that are going through the same thing. (maybe a bit) The trip to Mexico was two fold. It was a trip to relax and vacation with my son Korey, who had gone ahead of me by one day with his girl, Victoria. So there I was… the third wheel with my son. But it was also a trip to see if Edith needed anything to make her burden a little easier. She is pretty much working all the time. Korey is fluent in Spanish so he has no problem communicating with the locals. We hung out at the beach, ate and drank and kicked it “father/son/son’s woman” style. You would think there would be lots of available girls running around Playa but actually there isn’t. Well, if there are, I didn’t see to many of them. Korey isn’t really an extreme party person either so we didn’t do much clubbing.

Then it was back to the house to hang with mom and dad and the bar. Karaoke was probably an indication that things were not going well in my love life. “Looking for love in all the wrong places” “I Love you” by Lenny Williams. I would have sung other sad ass love songs but the customers were starting to get all depressed and leave. My apologies to all of the customers that had waited to sing but didn’t get a turn because I was singing the love blues and bumping myself to the head of the line. One of the benefits of owning a bar I guess. that should be a special Karaoke night. Depressing, broken hearted karaoke love song night. People come up and get on the mic and tell why their relationship didn’t work and then sing some song about how they wish things had worked out. Wow, I may have something there. haha