Big Al’s Blog: Drinking a Martini Screams High Maintenance
Big Al’s Blog: Drinking a Martini Screams High Maintenance

So, we have done lots of stunts…but Friday, it was one of the most hilarious moments in my Kidd Kraddick Radio career. My toe in Psycho Shanon’s mouth! And that’s how I started my weekend.

Friday night it was San Antonio. We were the Hosts of a big re-grand opening of the Hard Rock Café on the Riverwalk. I was talking to this friend of mine and I told her I was in San Antonio and she told me of another friend that was in San Antonio. Lets call her Martinica. I call her that because she wants a Martini every time she goes to a bar. I don’t know why but that just seems to yell “High Maintenance” to me. She’s a really nice girl but high maintenance was something that I gave up a long time ago. Anyway, we hung out and she was kinda giving off the vibe that she was a little interested. Everyone else was asking me about it when she would step away for a minute. Ok, hello…first of all, honey # 2 is probably watching me from a satellite or something. And second of all, I’ve known Martinica for 10 years. I think if we were gonna hook up, we would have done it by now. Was she hot? Sure she was looking good. She’s even met my parents already. In fact, my dad asked about her from time to time. He’ll say something like, “how’s the brown skinned girl?” that is so funny to me.

I have to admit. A few years back, I would have been all up in Martinica’s Kool-aid. High maintenance or not, dating someone else or not, I would have been trying to hook it up. especially when you factor in the fact that we were in another city and I had a perfectly good hotel room right upstairs from where we we’re having some cocktails. But instead, at 11 o’clock pm, she said she was going to get something to eat with Tamara, I took that opportunity to go upstairs and go to bed! man, what has my life become?

The rest of the weekend was basically spent watching lots of basketball at my bar. March Madness is always crazy. I do have to apologize to this one girl that was dressed like a “trophy bride” because of a big pub crawl that was going on. Part of her costume was handcuffs. She walked up to the bar and I noticed her handcuffs on her wrist. Well, that made me think of a story. And since there was like 3 people standing around that I considered an audience, I said, “have I ever told you all about the time that I was hand cuffed to two trannies and I had to go to New Orleans and spend the weekend handcuffed to them?” so I launched in to my story. The girl is waiting to get a pic but I got distracted by how great my story was. 5 minutes in I noticed she turned and walked away. I yelled, “hey, I’m not done with my story.” I followed her out to the patio where she had started crossing the street. I continued my story. I was just yelling the middle and end of the story to her. I kept yelling. At least the few people that heard the end of the story thought it was funny. Anyway, sorry about that!!!

By the way, in case you were wanting a Kellie birthday party Coolio update, he is now coming for 2 days instead of just one. He’s coming on Friday to sign copies of his book (I bought 300 copies to give away) and then Saturday for kellies birthday/show. Yes coolio wrote a cookbook.