J-Si’s Blog: A Wedding Party Parade
J-Si’s Blog: A Wedding Party Parade

A tip, from me, to you: If you have to fly three times in one weekend, for whatever reason, do not take the early flight every single time. This was one of those weekends where I should not have booked myself so full, because you will pay for it sooner or later. We did have a blast in San Antonio, I may have had too much of a blast. I guess I was just trying to have as much fun since I got a weekend away from lil Cason. That was mistake number one. I had to meet Kinsey in New Orleans for our friends wedding. The wedding was early, so I had to take the early flight out there. Luckily, I made it there safe and sound. The only good thing that came from my late night fun with a police officer (don’t worry, he was off the clock… and I cant turn down drinks from someone who protects and serves me) and a dude who I think works in the medical industry… I think, he does wear scrubs… anyways, the only good thing that came from that was sleeping through the entire flight.

The wedding that we attended was one of the coolest weddings I have ever been to. It was at a plantation, the bride came in on a horse and carriage, they had a New Orleans marching band escorting them… and after the reception (open bar and nonstop food!) we headed to the French Quarter and shut down the street so that our wedding party could have its very own parade. Yeah, we walked down the street, throwing beads and having people take video of us. Not one person flashed, so it was kept PG13. I had a girl, who was a guest at the wedding, come up to me after the parade. We started talking about how wonderful their vows were. In the vows, they both mentioned that they knew they would be involved in each others life after their first encounter. She asked me if that’s what I thought when I first met Kinsey, and I told her that I actually had told my roommate that I would make her my girlfriend. She then said, “well, what if I feel that way about a lot of guys I meet.” That stumped me… and I also heard the psycho violin music in my head. I told her you just know. She said, “I think I know every time.” So then I asked her if she felt that way about any guy she saw at the wedding and she said, “yes, but I guess he’s married with two kids.” Sometimes, a girl’s single-dar can be broken. That was a fun, yet awkward conversation… and it lasted about an hour due to the drinking and the constant use of “what did you say?” Then we played the fun game everyone plays at the wedding. Its called, I the “I wonder how much the wedding cost” game. Just dont play near the parents of the bride and groom.

In other wedding news: Kinsey’s sister caught the bouquet! Then she kept showing her boyfriend and posted a picture of the bouquet on her facebook. I think she is trying to send some clues to her dude.

That night was Kinsey’s first time in the French Quarter. We had fun. Ok, no we didn’t we spent the night in a restaurant waiting for our mediocre Italian food that was never rung in. It was the worst three hour dinner. Pasta was cold, waiter didnt check on us for 20 minutes, and the bathroom was the opposite of super clean. Heres a list of things Kinsey would not stop talking about the next morning:

1. we saw a girl who was about 8-10 years old “flashing” for beads… while her parents stood there… laughing and having a great time.

2. Bourbon “juice”. Kinsey’s sister stepped in a puddle three times and they found it hilarious that a guy called it Bourbon juice.

3. Kinsey was excited about drinking on the street! So she bought a hurricane, and promptly dropped it because the street was very crowded… which leads to:

4. its too tough to drink without bumping into people on the street.

5. How awesome the street performers were. She wanted to stop and tip every single street performer… we ran out of money after three, so we took a side street back to the hotel so that she doesnt feel bad about not tipping them.