Ok, Mr. Shy and Timid Homeless guy. I give up. I have stopped by the same 7-11 3 mornings in a row trying to run into you again but I give up. You struck me as a dude that didn’t really want to beg for money and after turning you down, I really felt bad. So I have gone back to the same place where you hit me up the first time in hopes to have a conversation with you and giving you a couple bucks. But apparently, you have a new spot or maybe you have just been sleeping in. Either way, you are nowhere to be found. So, if I see you in the future, I will still try to help you out but I will no longer actively search you out.

World, are you ready for this??? We are about to have a black bachelor! First the president, now The Bachelor. Wow. His name is Lamar Hurd. He’s a sportscaster from Portland. Seems to be a pretty sharp brother. I am just as proud now as I was when Obama got sworn in. For years, all black folks have been asking, why do they even put the obligatory black person on the show only to have them voted off in week one? But times are changing. Man, this is the most awesome thing I’ve heard all week… maybe all year! ABC, do the right thing. You need to have just one white chick out of the 24 ladies and Lamar, you will have to kick her to the curb in the 1st episode. Wow, what if the white girl wins???

Well, the big party is this weekend. Coolio arrives this afternoon around 4 and I have honey 2 picking him up from the airport. And then, the madness begins. Well, that is if you call a hard core rapper signing cookbooks and singing Karaoke “madness.” Its gonna be so much fun. I ordered a birthday cake for Kellie. I reserved her two VIP tables right in front of the stage for the Saturday night party. And I’m gonna try to feed Mr. Coolio a couple drinks and get him to do drunk news. I’m not really sure what the Coolio sense of humor is like but I’ll find out tonight!!! Happy Birthday Kellie!