For the Final Time…Live from Evans Estate!
For the Final Time…Live from Evans Estate!

Things have been a bit stressful as Kellie and Allen have been packing up the Estate in preparation of moving into the Manor! Let’s just say they’ve had a lot of sandwiches and not a lot of loving…

And while it’s common for couples to get into arguments during stressful times, Kellie shares 6 rules for fighting in marriage.

And have we completely lost touch with nature? Ever heard of forest bathing? We’ll explain! And what happened when Kellie and her mom listened to the last episode of A Sandwich and Some Lovin’ together?

Will Allen ever be able to look his mother-in-law in the eye again? All of these questions will be answered in this week’s episode! And we’ll record next week’s episode from Evans Manor, so be sure to download and listen.

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