For the first time ever, this morning I went looking for a homeless dude. It wasn’t just any homeless dude. It was the same homeless dude that had just asked me for some money as I pumped gas. Why was I looking for him? Well, it was the way he approached me. I saw him coming as I pulled into the gas station. I prepared my standard line, “sorry dog, all I have is a credit card.” That’s pretty much my go to line when being approached on the street for money. Anyway, the thing that was different about this dude was, I got the impression that this dude didn’t really want to be asking for money. Ok, maybe that’s an obvious statement. I’m sure most homeless people don’t want to be homeless but he really appeared that he knew he was bothering me and he seemed embarrassed that he needed to ask. So as I went inside the 7-11, who by the way has the greatest coffee in the world, I started thinking about this dude. I decided that I was going to give him a couple of bucks. I found the money and had it in one hand and my delicious 7-11 coffee in the other hand. I looked all around the parking lot and I couldn’t find him. I felt so bad. I don’t think I’ve ever felt bad about not giving a dude money on the street. But I will stop by this store again tomorrow to see if I see the dude.

So, what do you do to entertain a gangsta rapper as he comes to town for a couple days? Take him to the zoo? Maybe to see Titanic in 3-D? shopping? Hmmmn. These are questions that I need answers to. Coolio will be here in 48 hours and I have to have a plan, right? Ok, he’ll do the meet and greet and book signing on Friday night but what do I do with him on Saturday? I guess I can take him to the gym. Maybe swing by my Momma’s house. awww, I bet Coolio would love to go meet my momma ‘nem.