Poor Kinsey, she feels left out with Cason lately. I know this probably happens to a lot of moms, but the jealousy is probably towards a nanny. Luckily, I get to pick Cason up relatively early in the day, mostly because we need to save money, and I get to hang out with him all day long. This is probably going to cause a little friction between Kinsey and me. The thing that hurt Kinsey’s feelings this time, is that the babysitter has made him LOL, and now I have made him LOL. Kinsey has been trying to get him to LOL, but has not been successful. So she broke yesterday. She thinks that working is going to make her miss all of Cason’s firsts. Plus, at least he is with one of us the whole day, but she still feels left out because she thinks I get to bond with him way more. I did learn from the book of husband, and just let her vent… mostly because I didn’t know what to do or say. I had also just finished building some dang Baby Einstein bounce thing that took me all day, because homeboy kept wanting attention, only to realize that he is still too small to play in it. He cant reach any of the toys, and his feet don’t touch the ground yet, so he just sits there floating and getting frustrated because he cant play with any of the bright lights… making this toy completely useless and a big waste of living room space.

Anyways, back to the Kinsey thing. I told her that she could use the weekend as bonding time… and I will use it as rest time from the Cazzisle. So what did she do? She signed me up for something I said I would not do again: a mud run. Don’t get me wrong, I had a blast, but I found mud in hidden places for days after the last one, plus I ruined my cool hiking boots, and I found three spiders in the boots when I tried to clean them out. They were thrown away after that. Plus, we have to wake up really early on Saturday, and I would much rather sleep/hear Cason cry at home. Nope, mud run it is. Kinsey even stole my ID and made a copy to finish signing me up.

Fun fact of my day: I saw my first lady of the night on the way to work this morning. She was frolicking through the sprinklers by the 24 hour tire shop. Man, all the fun stuff happens by that tire shop. Car crashes, cops pulling me over thinking I am “pushing”, and prostitutes running through sprinklers. That, my friend, is the life.