Hi to the listener that I saw at the mall yesterday. And no, I wasn’t there for the reason that you thought. Just because I got dumped on Monday doesn’t mean I’m at the mall buying HER something on Tuesday. “I ain’t got no time fo’dat!” I was just shopping for a new pair of shorts and maybe some flip flops. But thanks for saying that loud enough for everyone around me to stare. Ugh.

Ok, back single again. Well, we weren’t boyfriend/girlfriend. So, its not like we had to officially break up. she was just what the police call, “a person of interest.” Now, she wants space, and I will give it to her. but dang, its never more apparent that a few people listen to our show because everyone I came in contact with yesterday felt the need to chime in.

Beer rep: “I heard you got dumped”

Random customer: “you need a shot since you got dumped?”

Trainer at the gym: “I see you’re trying to burn that relationship stress.”

After dealing with all that, who do I see walking their dog down the street yesterday? Her…I promise I wasn’t stalking you!

And Ok, I get it. is it that everyone can relate or is it just that everyone enjoys a good old “got dumped” situation? Whichever it is, there was no shortage of people that had a few words to say. Thank you.

I did do about 15 more minutes of cardio than usual at the gym. And it wasn’t a coincidence. I’m trying to do what I can to take my mind off the situation. Well, I did yesterday. Today, I will send a text. Just a quickie text.