So as I was coming up the street I could see my house in the distance. My pinkish brick and rainbow house. Pinkish due to the base coat of paint and rainbow due to the fact that we can’t manage to pick a color I can live with. But there was that familiar navy van in the driveway. There was my garage door wide open. Yes, my handyman Nacho was there. He’s always there. Whether he was patching a crack in the wall, replacing a bathroom tile, or touching up paint around the window sills  was yet to be my surprise, but Nacho was there for me. Just like Old Faithful. Mi el Fiel Antiguo. (I’m just guessing at that translation…Apparently is no longer “free.” At least, the “free” part kept freezing up on me. The part where you pay seven cents a word was more than willing to help me. Seven cents a word?? Please…)

I pulled my car into the driveway and put it in park. I wasn’t going to risk pulling into the garage and running over another can of paint. Been there, exploded that. So I reached over to grab my purse and I could’ve sworn I caught something blond in the corner of my eye. I looked up to see this precious little tow-haired, blue-eyed boy toddling towards me, clutching his little sippy cup. Right behind him was Nacho. Nacho built me a boy???  I got out and asked Nacho, “Who is that? Can I keep him??” Well, I really didn’t say that last part, but I wanted to. He was ADORABLE. But Nacho had no idea. He heard some noise out in the garage and thought somebody was outside trying to steal his tools. He came out and found this little boy sitting on a can of paint and that’s the exact moment I pulled up into the driveway.

Whoa. It’s not every day a 2-year-old boy just shows up in your garage like that. I asked him his name. I got a blank stare. What did I really expect from a 2-year-old? He started happily toddling down the driveway and out into the alley, so Nacho and I went walking down the alley, too. We were just one big happy family! Nothing strange-looking about the three of us AT ALL! Then in the distance, I saw a man walking toward us and then turning into a driveway. He saw us, but didn’t seem to think anything of it. But before he disappeared around the corner, I hollered, “Do you know who this boy belongs to??” And then suddenly, something registered with him. Why, yes! He said there was a woman going door-to-door asking everyone if they’d seen her little boy and a mini-search party was starting to form. (Apparently, this guy wasn’t cut out for search and rescue missions…) So he darts around the corner and the next thing you know, here comes the cavalry! Mom was relieved. She was appreciative. But I was kinda bummed I had to give back my little blond boy. And now I want one……..