J-Si’s Blog: Mi casa es su casa
J-Si’s Blog: Mi casa es su casa

Guess what Kinsey and I did this weekend? We decided on a house, which is pretty unbelievable considering the fact that Kinsey fell in love with 1 out of every 5 houses we saw. Basically, if you want Kinsey to ever buy your house in the future, just make sure there is some arches in there, and a big shower. Anyways, it’s getting close to the “we gotta move out” date. We should have probably already been out of this house we are in, but that proved to be a lot more difficult than we expected… oh well. Nothing wrong with 3 extra branches falling here and there.

Bad news: we have not been paid back for all the extra money we had to spend during the month we were out of our house… after our landlord promised we would be paid back for everything. In fact, her lawyer doesn’t call back, and has not been very helpful. I am personally thinking that we are screwed.

Good news: after going into “let’s get this done” mode, we have found two houses we would be happy with. So today, Kinsey and I will be placing our first offer on a house!

 How scary is that? I know that this is part of growing up, but I have a seriously hard time spending money that I have been saving, little by little, since I was 18. This is a commitment. I am in charge of fixing everything. If I just need a hammer and some nails, we are good… if it’s anything else, we are screwed. I need to start watching more of those home makeover shows. Either way, wish us luck. I think it’s the best choice. I need to invest in something, and a house is probably a good thing to get into right now… or so said some guy on CNN a few weeks ago. On top of house hunting all weekend, we also had friends in town! Yup, my workout buddy, who plays pro ball, is back in town. This means I get to go to a baseball game! That is bad news for my sleep, but good news for the child trapped inside my grown man body. My friend got traded to Tampa Bay a few weeks back, and gets to come in and play a couple of games this week. They had a 3rd birthday party for their daughter yesterday… and now Kinsey really wants to have a baby girl. Why? Mostly because the lil girl received some lil pumps from one of her aunts. Kinsey looked at me and said, “see, Cason cant wear little high heels! I want one!” I just smiled, because I had no idea what else I could do. I don’t think the world needs another Kinsey just yet… especially after all these sleep walking/talking/laughing episodes. Oh yes, Kinsey did it again. She sat straight up, which woke me up, and just started laughing, which scared me, and the she plopped down and was back asleep. We may need an exorcism.