Welcome to one of the most important days of my life… yes, marriage was huge… and having a baby was humongous. Today we signed documents to place a bid on a house! AHHHH! Growing up and being responsible feels so weird! Is it responsible to buy a house? Sure hope so! We are pretty excited, though. So hopefully the verdict will be in, and the current owners will accept our offer or give us a good counter. Fingers crossed. By the way… pretty sure our house is jealous about this new house search. Why? Oh, no biggie… just another branch from my neighbor’s tree fell near our power lines, and posted up on the poor basketball hoop that enjoyed feeling tickled in the net area when big J-Si was draining 3-pointers. The count has been lost when it comes to how many tree branches have fallen on this house, but at least the big daddy, who caused the most damage, is no longer standing. Now, his little brother, who lives in my neighbor’s back yard, is the one who is donating his wood (hold the jokes… never mind, I laughed at that). Pretty sure my neighbor is in denial his tree’s bad behavior. He still has not come over to check how big these branches are. He just says, “are you sure it’s my tree?” I don’t blame him, that’s what us guys do. We can’t be involved in anything that causes damage… Like when my hamster ate my mom’s favorite Chapstick. She was told that nobody who lived in my room had anything to do with it. Moral of this living situation: don’t live in the house we are currently living in. It’s bad news bears.

Let’s move on to a much lighter subject. Do you know what one of the most hilarious things in the world is? Two girls, who are not very well versed in sports and electronics having a conversation about sports and electronics. Case and point: Kinsey and our real estate agent. We worked on getting our offer out to the owners of the home we are trying to buy… all. day. long. Who would’ve known that houses are not as easy to buy as some beer? Back to one of the most hilarious things in the world. Our agent was in constant contact with us throughout the day. The last call came in during my friend’s baseball game. The game had my full attention, so there was no way that a man in my shoes could be involved in any sort of conversation… Good news is: Any man in my position would have found what he heard, during this phone call, to be very entertaining.

Here we go. Here are a few of Kinsey’s lines of the night:

“Yeah, Ryan is playing against the Texas Rangers… we are watching him play some great defense. I think he is playing at the first base” (Ryan played second last night) “the score is the Rays have 5 points, and the Texas Rangers has 5 points too.”

Kinsey then decided to share some of her own personal experience with sports… she related her kickball experience to a pro baseball player by saying:

“I hate when in baseball, when you get the last out, you feel like you lost that inning for your team… why can’t it happen to the guy before you or after you? That always happens to me in kickball.”

Then the electronics portion ensued:

“Yeah, but let me get my computer… oh man! You know, when the computer battery dies, and you have to reboot the memory to turn it on again.”

And then the business portion took place:

Our real estate agent went over the offer paper work with us. Once she finished she asked, “If you guys have any questions while you read the documents over, just give me a call and I will clear it up, ok?”

Kinsey’s response:

“Oh, I definitely won’t read it again.”

Nights like these, when Kinsey gets stressed out (due to buying a house, and starting her business), I buy her some wine, put the baby down, and she lets loose. That make me happy. Kinsey is so funny/cute when she has conversations like these… because she really, genuinely feels them. What makes me happier is that she is herself around me and doesn’t care about what she is saying. These are the cool moments married couples get to share… and we all have them, right?! Please tell me we all have them… help me not feel weird. haha.