We decided to kick off our weekend by taking Cason into his one year check up. We basically went in there, we were told Cason is the size of a two year old, which means that his football scholarship is still well on its way. We were told he was on track with kids his age when it comes to milestones. So everything was awesome… until he had to get his 4 shots. Now I know why we all hated going to the doctor as kids. It’s because we get stabbed with needles that are the same size as our arms. I have noticed that the doctor never gives Cason his shots, nor is he in there when it happens. Well played, sir. The four shots were not the worst part… Cason needed a blood test. So we walked our lil man over to the lab, with his four band-aids on his legs, sat him down on my lap, and had his blood needledrawn… which was the most traumatic thing Kinsey and I have experienced as parents. Why was it so traumatic? Because Cason was actually staring at the needle in his arm, crying hysterically, and looking at both of us with the “what are you guys doing? Help me!!!” look. Kinsey cried, I was about to cry, and Cason definitely cried. Worst. thing. ever.

Now, I present our embarrassing parent moment of the weekend. Kinsey was hungry on Saturday… and she was hungry for some fried pickles. For some reason she came up with the idea of going to a restaurant names Twin Peaks. If you are a woman and don’t know that place, you are probably thinking that it is a very nice restaurant that is nature themed. If you are a dude, you probably think it is a very nice restaurant that focuses on boobs. If you had the dude guess, you are correct. I remember looking at people who brought kids to these kind of restaurants and thinkin, “really?!” Well, I was now that person. To make matters worse, they did not have any high chairs, so Cason sat on my lap, while Kinsey got her fried pickles fix in. There were a ton of dudes in there, because of the NFL playoffs… and there was one baby. Yup, we were the only ones that brought a baby. We were also the only ones not drinking alcohol. What happened?!?! haha. To make matters worse. Kinsey has taught Cason to “push the button”. He does this while I lay in bed, and he pokes my nipple. He thinks its hilarious. Kinsey did not think it was hilarious when he did it to the waitress. I thought Cason was going to get us kicked out for poking the waitresses boob, but she seemed to be Ok with it. Close call.