Ok, here’s the boring stuff first. The big diet plan. Its week one and I have lost 5 pounds…tada! Ok, its nothing earth shattering but that’s the update. This bet is a real motivator. I’m betting a friend of mine that I can lose more weight than him by Fat Tuesday. The loser of the bet has to take the winner and his date on an all expenses trip to New Orleans. Airfare, Hotel, Meals, Drinks, Ground transportation, EVERYTHING. It could easily be a $2000 loss or maybe more for the person that loses this bet. But hopefully at the end, we will have both lost the 20-25 pounds that we are trying to lose. 5 down, 20 to go!

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, I got word that 2 girls had stolen a floor mat out of my bar. I’m thinking that this couldn’t be right. A floor mat? Well, my floor mats do have my logo on them. Even though they are just floor mats, I did have to order them with the 4 color logo on them. I have them scattered on the floor in various spots in the bar. So, the next morning I walked into the bar to check the cameras and sure enough, there they were. The two girls can clearly be seen kicking the floor mat out the side door. Then they waited for a minute. Then, they started kicking it again. They kicked it and kicked it and kicked it. all the way across the parking lot. One of them can even be seen in the video doing what I guess is a victory dance. Celebrating the success of a successful heist! Then, when they got to the street, they hopped in a cab, with my floor mat, and then they drove off. A bottlesfreaking floor mat??? REALLY? What was even more disheartening, there are two of my bus boys standing outside smoking in the background of the video just watching it all unfold. Sure, I understand not wanting to get involved but really guys. When I asked one of them about it, he said, “she said she wanted to take it home!” Dude, You were right there. Hopefully, someone will be able to identify these girls from the pic and or the video that I will be posting on my Facebook page. The reward leading to the return of my floor mat, FREE DRINKS FOR THE REST OF THE MONTH FOR YOU AND A FRIEND!