I have Bad Influence Paul to get me in trouble with the Kinsey. So I figure that Cason needs someone like that in his life… so I would like to introduce to you: Bad Influence J-Si, daddy edition!

Hopefully you are done clapping for Bad Influence J-Si. I will continue with my blog. Did we have a wonderful Mother’s day with Kinsey? Absolutely! Except for Cason having a grumpy day. It was one of those days where I take a step back and realize how lucky I am. Kinsey wanted to a mommy and son picture. As I took the picture, I stared at her, holding Cason, with her cute pregnant belly, and thought: “what did I do right? How in the world did I manage to get her?” It always blows my mind. Anyways, Mother’s Day went well, for the most part. We went to lunch, we let her rest, and we gave her gifts. The gifts area is where I got in trouble. Not because I sucked at getting her a gift, because I nailed it with the perfume that she wanted. It was actually Cason’s gift that got us in a lil trouble this weekend. I had plenty of Cason time this weekend because Kinsey’s cousin and Aunt markerswere in town, which meant we go to do some activities! For this weekends activities, we made mom a card and a picture. This is where I became Bad Influence Dad. Cason kept pointing at my forearm tattoo. I could tell that he was putting two and two together with the ink on the pen. So I drew a little happy face on his forearm. He was smiling from ear to ear! I should have done it while he was sleeping, because now he learned that the pen not only draws on paper, it can draw on skin too. I was able to leave Cason with a marker and paper without thinking twice about it. He would just draw lines and some dots on the paper. So, I go grab him one cup of water and he managed to paint a ton of lines on his own arm. Kinsey came home a little earlier than I expected, so I managed to hide her card and the picture we were working on, but I did not have a chance to clean Cason’s arms up. I confessed to teaching him about the magical drawing powers of a marker on the skin… mostly because the dang happy face gave it away.

Now, if we hand him a pen or marker, he tries to paint on his arm. My bad. Luckily, I found some markers that will only appear on paper, but now he gets mad because those pens don’t do anything on his skin. Don’t you worry, I will figure this whole parenting thing out… I think.