J-Si’s Blog: Big time weekend!
J-Si’s Blog: Big time weekend!

Can I just say how proud I am of my wife?! To me, there is nothing sexier than a little drive and determination. For the last few months, Kinsey has been working hard, studying, filing paperwork, and researching to start her online boutique. We came from basically nothing. Both of us have very humble backgrounds, when it comes to money. We didn’t grow up being handed anything. Some dudes think I landed Kinsey because I am on the radio, but she was with me waaay before that happened. She was with me when I could only afford to take her to Taco Bell for dinner. I could only afford to stock my pantry with Ramen noodles. She was with me when the only thing I owned was my green truck, that only fit two people, and would not got faster than 60 mph. She was with me when I was working as a waiter, protein bar promoter, and wannabe radio intern. She put her life on hold for me, and moved to another state, so that I could chase my dream. She took a hit with school, because a lot of her credits didn’t transfer over… so, in a way, she started over.

This is why I sat back on Saturday and took it all in. I gave her everything we had saved up, which was not much after buying our house, and let her chase her dream. Forty five minutes after she launched her website boutique, she sold out of her merchandise! She did it all on her own. All I did was take care of Cason while she worked from our guest bedroom. We won’t make any money on this venture yet, because we are going to build with anything she makes. We are going to make mistakes, but that is the only way to grow. What I do know, is that seeing the happiness in her eyes is something I will never forget. We celebrated! Cason danced, I danced, she cried (pregnancy hormones), and we just had a family weekend.

Today will be another big day for us… today is the day we find out if the world will have to put up with another mini J-Si, or if we will get our first mini Kinsey. BoyOrGirl4So far, everyone thinks we are having a girl… except me, my buddy frank, and his girl. I had a dream that I was playing catch in the backyard, and I had two boys running around. So I am just taking that as a sign. Plus, I am really scared of going to prison, and that may become a likely possibility if I have a daughter. It may not happen for 15 years, but it may happen. I am very protective when it comes to my sister, so I can only imagine what I will be like with a daughter.

Now, I will leave you with my awkward weekend moment:
Me: (singing in the shower)
Kinsey: Jose!!!! I can’t hear the TV
Me: sorry! (singing a lil more softly)
Kinsey: Jose!!!!
Kinsey: why are you singing Justin Bieber?!
Me: huh?
Kinsey: you were singing “One Less Lonely Girl”
Me: so?!
Kinsey: I’m going to facebook it.
And she did. Somethings just don’t stay private anymore, I guess.