Do I feel different? No. Do I feel loved? Yes. Facebook and Twitter changed the game. I used to only get a call from my grandma and a couple of cards in the mail, along with a card from my parents. Now, we can have hundreds of people show us attention because of social media. But, now the birthday is done. No birthday month, or week for me. One day is enough.

And guess what?! I received a call from my mom. Things got a little bit better after we filmed with Oprah, but then we took some steps back. Communication stopped and things went back to square one… which is not a good square. haha. Luckily, Harpo supplied us with therapists to continue the healing and I think my mom has been able to get some really good advice and perspective. We had a pretty delightful conversation (yes, men can use the word “delightful”, but only when talking about their mom) and she said she loved me for the first time in a few months. I didn’t really get presents for my birthday, but that topped everything. Sometimes, words mean more than anything we could possibly buy.

Now, lets move on to the most awkward moment I have had since probably last week. My gym is by the hood, so I decided to hit the liquor store afterwards to buy some beef jerky. I walked in and they had a girl sitting in the front selling some alcohol. She asked if I wanted to try it and take a shot, so I said, “I really shouldn’t be drinking, I did enough of that this weekend, man!” Her face changed, and she leaned into me and said, “what did you say?!” liquorstoreI was totally thinking that she was angry that I had attached “man” to the end of the sentence. “oh, no… I was just attaching ‘man’ at the end because its a crutch word… I wasn’t….” she cut me off and said, “no… you said n****.” Remember, I am in the hood, and there are others in the store who started looking our way. “I seriously would never say that word,” I replied and she came back with, “it’s ok, its a different century, we are over it. So, you buying some of this?” That’s when I got a little more defensive and said, “no, it’s not ok to say that… even if it’s a different century.” She smirked and said, “well I heard what I heard… you buying this or not.” So I said, “fine, give me one.”

I got out to my car, put the stupid vodka in my trunk, and realized that she sold me a bottle by making me uncomfortable… and you know what? Well played. Well played, ma’am. You got me this time. Or, she really had some bad hearing and thought I said that… but I still think it was her selling point.