I will try not to get too emotional, because some people may view it as weird, but I view it as part of my heart leaving. I have two dogs… two dogs that I love to death. It may not look like I love them to death lately because the greater part of my attention has shifted towards Cason, and this is what makes things so hard for me, and Kinsey. We got Delilah shortly after moving here. It was one of those moments where you know in your heart that it is meant to be. On the way to pick her up, we had second thoughts, and as I was about to turn around and go home, the song “Hey There Delilah” came on. We had already picked the name, and the song had just started playing on the radio. So we viewed it as a sign. It was love at first sight…except for the fact that she peed on me.

I figured she was marking me as her property, so we picked that dog out of the 8 that were running around. She is a little fighter, from a broken arm, to surviving Parvo, we had fun times with her… Unfortunately, she is not the smartest doggie. We took her to classes, we tried to train her with treats, but nothing worked. She’s a bad girl, who still will take a squat on our bed, in her bed, on the floor… basically, anywhere in the house, but she is my bad girl. Does she want more attention? I am sure she does, but we can’t afford to give her the attention she requires. We have to concentrate on Cason. So Kinsey and I made the difficult decision of sending her to a better home. My buddy, Mario, gave us Delilah, and he was more than happy to take her in.

At least I know she is in the hands of someone who loves her as much as we do, but it still hurts. Maybe a change of scenery will finally kick start her good behavior. She was supposed to leave yesterday, but I told Kinsey that I wanted to spend one more day with her. I played with her in the backyard, let her sleep with us, and gave her some of my food. It’s like she knew that it was her last day. She was very lovey towards me. Dex will still stay with us, mostly because he is super chill and has no accidents and is not very needy. He doesn’t really get along with Delilah, so maybe he will act like a happy dog again.

To honor Delilah, Cason took his diaper off yesterday… so we let him run around a la natural. He was fascinated by his boy thing… until he walked up to the bed, peed, and got freaked out. firststeps-300x200 (1)Yup, he started crying. I guess it scared him a little bit, but I am sure Delilah was proud that he honored her by doing what she does best: peeing in the house.