Why do I feel like Halloween is over? Maybe it’s because I wore two different costumes at two different parties, went to a neighborhood Halloween parade, went to a kids Halloween party, and hit up some Halloween piñatas. I am done with it… but no, we have to deal with the trick or treating kids. Kinsey does want to take Cason out for some trick or treating himself. Heres the problem: Homeboy only has 8 teeth, and has never tried candy. In fact, he wont be trying candy for at least another year, and that is because I know Kinsey will break and let him try it. If it were up to me, we would wait until he turns 5 or 6. I have seen those children who are high on sugar at the store, and they annoy me. I can only imagine what their parents go through at the house.

It started to dawn on me, and I am all on board with this, that Kinsey wants to take Cason out because WE get to eat the candy! She wont admit it, but we know it’s true. Hey, you gotta be smart when you are in possession of a really cute baby. This is only going to last a couple of years in boy land, cause boys get to the annoying stage way faster than girls. Girls stay cute and cuddly until they are around 7, from what I am told. A boy’s expiration date on the cuteness can come as early as 3 years old. See, it does pay to have friends, who already had babies. Now, I am treating this as a mission… a mission to get at least 2 pounds of candy. That is about how much Cason can carry. See, you don’t want to hold the bag for the kid, because people may catch on to what you are doing. Oh, and we are going to the rich neighborhood too! What?! Every kid trick or treating in my neighborhood is not from our actual neighborhood. Plus, we were invited by a nanny that Kinsey has play dates with.

Now that I think about it, Kinsey has play dates with Cason about three times a week. She meets with three or four nannies at a house, and she is the only bio mommy there, with a bunch of Latinas watching white kids. It’s like heaven for her because she feels like she is like “Selena” when she hangs with them. She doesn’t speak Spanish very well still, but she is trying. I am starting to get scared that Cason will speak Spanish the Kinsey way instead of my way, because by the time I get home… she has already been talking to him for a good 8-9 hours. I get my Spanish speaking in with him for about 6 hours, minus a nap, which gives him about 4.5-5 hours of daddy Spanish. Yup, he is going to sound like a blonde girl in Spanish class. Good times.