Not gonna lie… I had high hopes for our lil Halloween team this year. I was not expecting Cason to bring in 20 lbs of candy, like the legacy I left behind when I was a kid, but I was expecting at least a 5 pounder. Nope. I don’t know where we went wrong. It may have been the game plan, and if that is the case… I am going to have to blame our trick or treating coordinator: Kinsey. I thought we left the house at a good time. We headed over to our friend’s house to rally the troops, and to prepare our attack. We had a glass of wine, chatted, and this is where I feel we failed our team. We got behind and the deficit was too much to overcome. Why do I feel like I am a football coach at a press conference after the game?

There is some good news: We made some new friends that have kids. Bad news: We did not end up going out until 7 pm, which is Cason’s bedtime. We figured that he could gather enough strength to stay up another hour. We were slightly wrong, and by slightly wrong, I mean very wrong. He was not really having it after about 4 houses, and one of those houses was out of candy… he passed out. I thought that all the Halloween decorations, and the fact that it was dark would gain Cason’s interest. Once he passed out we had to be done. I mean, you cant really just walk up to a house with a passed out 10 month old and request to get candy… that right there, looks pretty suspect if you ask me.

So I gotta say, I am slightly disappointed with his performance. Lil man let me down. We will train hard so that he can stay up past 7:30 next year. It just hurts a lil bit more because we were in the rich neighborhood and they pass out good candy there. As the father, I will take blame for not having my team ready to battle… but, there is some good news: We got home by the time trick or treating had ended! We didn’t have to spend money on candy, we didn’t have anyone knock on the door, and most importantly: nobody egged our house or cars! Yesssssss!