Bio sis has arrived!!! Her flight was screwed up because the immigration line was super long, so she missed her connecting flight. This gave Kinsey and I a chance to go to a quick anniversary dinner. I have realized that once you have kids, anniversaries, birthdays, achievements, and those kind of things take a back seat. So our three-year anniversary dinner consisted of me chasing Cason around a fancy restaurant while he pulled his little dog shaped backpack around. It was a good time. What he did earlier in the day was the highlight of the day… kind of.

Warning: things might get a lil’ graphic. Not “gross” graphic, but a lil’ graphic.

So, there we are, chilling at the house. Kinsey is in the kitchen making a late lunch. Cason is in the living room, watching that Good Luck Charlie.good luck charlieI am going back and forth between the two since I had just gotten home. Cason was in the process of getting dressed, so he was just wearing a diaper. He is also in the baby babble stage, where he is learning noises, which he can use to communicate. His favorite noises at the moment are “uh oh!”, “whoa!”, “no”, bye, ball, mama, papa, and babe (because thats what Kinsey and I call each other). He knows other words, but those are the most commonly used ones. So Kinsey and I are in the kitchen, talking, reminiscing about our wedding three years ago. All of a sudden, we hear Cason start saying, “whoa”.

A few second pass, and “wow!”

A couple more seconds, “whoa!!”

Kinsey and I started thinking that something on TV was making him say that which is a half truth. I walked over to the living room, peeked my head in, and what I saw caused me to say “whoa!!!!” My lil’ one and a half year old boy was sitting on the couch. He managed to take his diaper off, and was suffering from a very common thing that many of us males go through. It usually happens when we see really pretty girls. Cason must have thought the blonde girl in Good Luck Charlie was really pretty, because he had the “whoa!” side effect happening. He was just as shocked as I was to see it because he was pulling it back like slingshot, letting go, and then saying “whoa!” or “wow!” Kinsey tried to come see what he was doing, but I told her that some things are better left unseen. She still was too curious, so I let her peek in, and she was even more shocked than I was. What happened to our lil’ baby?!?! Haha. He looked up at us, smiled, and went back to doing business. Oh, to be young, innocent, and not know… or to be Big Al on a Saturday night after too many drinks. Good times. I am sure there are more of these bad boys to come throughout our lifetime. Hopefully, not as shocking.

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