I keep feeling some sort of bug trying to invade my body. I automatically
get the worst news in my head and assume its the flu, but it hasn’t hit me
full on yet. So I had to get my manly soap opera in. Anytime something
scandalous happens in sports, it’s ok to get invested in it. Well, Te’o finally
spoke out… and he says he is not involved in the whole fake girlfriend
hoax. I still have a weird feeling that he is, but at least everyone around
the country is “Te’oing”, so that’s nice. I actually have not joined in on the
action yet. I will wait until we find out that he was actually involved more
than he is willing to admit.

You know how to become a good friend? You help your buddy move during
the AFC Championship game. For the first time in over 20 years, I was
not watching football during the championship weekend. You know what?
It wasn’t that bad. The world did not end, and I was actually able to catch
the end of the game. Don’t worry, I did catch the first game. I had to. I took
a break from helping move boxes around and got my football fix in. I will
not miss the Superbowl though… unless Kinsey has something up her
sleeve. Cason did start showing off his new skills. Our friends have two
kids. One is 3, and the other one is only about 4 months old. Cason kept
going up to the baby and giving him kisses. baby kissesOnce he heard all the girls do
the “awwww!” deal, he kept going back. Kinsey cried, baby’s mom cried, and I hurt my back moving a box. Sounds about right. But, at least my boy is learning that when girls say “awwww”, you keep doing what you were doing. Well played, mini me.

Speaking of Cason, this was also the weekend that he chose to show off his new sleeping hours. He must of not had a dream like MLK, because he decided to wake up at 3 am, and would not go back to sleep. He did it again last night. Is this normal? I wish we could be babies and sleep whenever the heck you want. So lets just say that our house was a cranky spot yesterday.