J-Si’s Blog: Cason’s Modeling Career Can Wait
J-Si’s Blog: Cason’s Modeling Career Can Wait

I love getting home and finding surprises! Yesterday, I got home and was greeted by a ton of pictures on our kitchen counter. Kinsey and I had taken some family pictures last month, and we finally go the prints back! I was actually pretty happy with them, especially since I am not photogenic at all! Kinsey and Cason were the ones who made the pictures look good. Later on in the day, we got a heads up about a baby clothing company looking for a baby model. Kinsey got excited and started looking into it to see how she can enter Cason. Unfortunately, Kinsey dream of becoming a momager was short lived. The company was asking for children that are around one year of age (which is what Cason is), but they have to be “true size”. I guess that means he is supposed to wear clothes for 12 month olds… not 2 year olds. So Cason is out due to being a giant. Even baby models have to be petite. It’s a tough world out there.

Luckily, I received an awesome email from a listener yesterday. I want to
give Alex Roberson some love. He has listened to our show for a while,
and is aware of my love for Eminem. So, since we have been doing “I Have
a Dream”, he decided to try to get me to meet Eminem.eminem The man took on the impossible! His uncle books Eminem over seas, so he sent him an email to see if he could help me out. He didn’t have to do this, but he did. His uncle said that Eminem would probably not be able to do it because he “is a very private person and rarely does interviews, especially with regional radio”, and thats fine. It means more to me that Alex tried, not matter what the result is… especially since us dudes are normally not super thoughtful. Luckily, I have his uncles email now, and I can bug him as much as I want! Good times!