Is there a better feeling than knowing you have completed a move? It feels as if a weight has been lifted off my chest, probably because the boxes weigh a lot, and they were resting on my chest quite a bit as we moved. Well, don’t need to worry about that anymore! Bad Influence Paul and I knocked it out yesterday! I got off work, took him to lunch, which is waaaay cheaper than a moving company, and we got to work! I was even granted the “smart move” award by Kinsey. Why? Because I was smart enough to withhold having my car serviced last week. I know, you don’t think that has anything to do with being smart. It actually does, because they give you a loaner car at my dealership when you get your car serviced. So, I picked up an SUV, which cut the trips to the old house in half… maybe more! I feel bad for Kinsey tho. Old house had a garage (aka- storage unit). New house does not. By the time Paul and I made it to the new house with the first load, the house was spotless, boxes had been unpacked, and Kinsey was feeling good. After three trips back and forth, Kinsey was stressing, and freaking out. Yup, Kinsey is a clean freak. I bet ya that Kinsey will have that all sorted out and cleaned up somehow when I get home! The perks of having a wife who is OCD when it comes to the house! It’s actually not a perk if you tend to be a bit messy, like me, because it tends to get me in trouble a lot!

Now, to the big deal news of the day: Kellie and Emma Kelly came over last night to check the new house out. Kellie even brought us food, which makes her the night time MVP. Paul is the daytime MVP. She brought Emma Kelly over, and my goal was to win her back from that Big Al Mack dude, who does not give her the type of attention a man with a teenage mentality can give her. How did I, sorta/kinda, win her back? By playing her a lil guitar, and by throwing my back out by letting her use me as her personal transportation device, and by reading her a couple of books. Cason kept getting bored with the books, so I did not have to read them all the way through. Good job, Cason! She even helped us practice walking with Cason, who officially has a month to walk. We set goals, and one of those goals is to walk by his birthday. He had no input in these goals, but so far, he is doing well. He can:

1. Say papa
2. Say dada
3. Say ball
4. Throw the ball to me with accuracy.
5. Say baby
6. Blow kisses
7. Say pumpkin
8. Dance to Taylor Swift, Nicky Minaj, Katy Perry, 1D, and Justin Bieber
9. Strum his ukulele
11.Walk with a lil assistance

…And so on. Those are the more important goals he has reached… one thing he still has not done: Say mama. Poor Kinsey. We even got him to say “Paul” yesterday. haha! Good times!