It is so nice to get some internet again! Kinsey and I may have forgotten to pay a couple of bills that are super important, like the cable bill, and the internet… so yesterday, we got shut off. This is really awesome because it makes it super easy to help us with finding a good loan to buy our lil house. If I were speaking to you in person, I would have used my best sarcastic tone possible. Wanna screw up a loan really quick? Get screwed by medical bills, and then forget to pay a couple of bills. Don’t worry, we payed, but I payed the ultimate price… I missed Tosh.0. I really wanted to see what “sick kicks for the ladies” he wore. For some reason, there was only one channel that worked on my cable… it was the Baby First channel that Cason watches. So I got to catch up on my Harry the Bunny, Tec the Tractor, the three weird mice he likes, and I learned how to say sister in Spanish… its “hermana”, if you were wondering. haha.

Today I am staying busy, threw down the extra money for the sitter to watch Cason a few extra hours so that I can attend Southwest Airline’s “Pilot for a Day” with one of our former Kidd’s Kids. This will be my third year doing this! Why do I enjoy this so much? Because I get to fly a plane. Not for reals, but I do get to get into a flight simulator and take a quick lil flight somewhere. So far I am at a 100% with the landing thing. It’s like playing a video game, in a way… a very expensive, 10 million dollar video game. Hopefully my internet and TV will be back on after I pick Cason up, because I cant handle watching that baby channel with Cason all day again. Plus, I pretty much read him all his books yesterday, and would love to not do that again today.