Personal News: There is no need to panic ladies and gentlemen. I may have had some problems with Nu Chick, but I am not really in need of  “Al, I would love for you to meet my (blank).” I do appreciate the thoughts and I’m sure your sister, mom, daughter, co-worker, sorority sister or whoever is a wonderful person. Honestly, I don’t have a problem “meeting” people. Not only that, Nu Chick was one of the greatest revelations ever in relationships with me. It use to be that I had to have a group of people around to feel comfortable with a girl. I couldn’t really do much with the one on one type of interaction. But with her I could, or can, or whatever. She is a pretty shy person but for some reason, I had no problem talking to her without the big crowd around. Maybe she and I will see each other this weekend. She has been taking a few days to chill by herself after her girlfriend left town Sunday. So even though we have not seen much of each other and it might be on life support, its not totally dead yet.

Bar News: As far as the Beer Bucket is concerned, (the bar I own in Playa del Carmen, Mexico), I think I might be selling this bar to my Manager, Edith, sometime within the next year. 4-5 years  is ot a bad run for owning a bar. Especially a bar in a whole different country. Most people didn’t think that me owning a bar in Mexico would last more than 6 months. and it almost didn’t. but after we got rid of the first manager that stole all of our money, it has been pretty smooth sailing. But it does get tough when there are little problems and she can’t solve them since she isn’t the true owner. And I can’t just hop down there on the spur of the moment. So, we will see.

Other Bar News: This is the slowest time of the year for a sports bar. Baseball is not a huge draw for us and in mid summer, any bar has to compete with customers going to the lake and the pool. So, to keep the excitement and buzz going, I booked “Bone Thugs and Harmony” to play at the bar this Fall. We have even sold a lot of tickets. Well, I got the news a couple of days ago that they were postponing their fall show dates because they are doing an Australian tour. So, what do you do when one show cancels??? You book another one to take its place. Jenna, you will be happy to know, September 29th Juvenile will be performing at Mckinney Avenue Tavern. (Jenna has been asking me to book Juvenile for the last 3 months)