J-Si’s Blog: Funny How Life Works
J-Si’s Blog: Funny How Life Works

Man, staycations are a lot more different when you have a baby. I basically sat at home with Cason and spoke in Spanish to him while we watched the Olympics. Crazy huh?!?! We went crazy during this vacation… hey, we did go to two birthday parties. One was for a one year old shawty that Cason hollers at in our neighborhood, and the other one was for a 5 year old shawty that Cason hollers at too. He hollers a lot.

We had to stay back because Kinsey had to work… but starting today, Kinsey no longer has a job. Don’t worry, I did not get her fired somehow… she decided to quit on her own because she was working in the medical field, and that’s not what she’s really into. It’s admirable, but I will admit that I am going slightly crazy inside. Now, we are not going to receive her income, and we have bills, baby, medical bills, and other wonderful things that require money. We were barely getting by before, so I wonder what it’s going to be like for the next few months. Is she going to be searching for a brand new job that she loves? Nope, there is no searching. Kinsey would like to take some of the money we don’t currently have, and she wants to start a business. AHHHHHHH! I thought that her absent income was going to be the scariest thing.

Here’s the thing, you have to take some risks in life to be successful… this is the first time she has taken a risk when it comes to her professional life. We will end up more broke than we already are, or we may actually hit on something big. She is in the early stages of this new life venture, and I have to be super supportive because I tend to get a lil stressed out over money, but I am having positive thoughts. The good news is that she will be able to hang out with Cason a lil bit longer during the day, she will then go off and do a lil research and start working on setting everything up. She will hopefully come up with a name this week, and a we will lock down the website. So how do we kick off this new chapter in our life? Well, Kinsey’s body decided it would be good to get food poisoning. Poor girl was up every 20 minutes puking. Funny how life works. The one night we both need pretty good sleep, we end up not sleeping one bit. Kinsey’s sister is going to take her to the hospital this morning to make sure everything is ok, since she did have that gallbladder thing taken out. Better be safe than sorry, we can just add that bill to the stack of other bills! Honey badger don’t care. Hopefully, Kinsey will be back to normal soon.

Awkward moment of my vacation: I was wearing my Mexico gear on Saturday (they won gold!), and I went into the store to get some drinks. I was standing in line when I came into contact with an older man who was sitting in front of the magazine rack reading… which is annoying to store employees. Buy the magazine, sir! The man looks up at me and says, “You know you are in the US, right?” I smiled, and said, “yes sir.” I figured he was giving me a lil hard time, and that would be it. Nope, he continued with, “well, then why would you wear that?” So I looked at him and said, “because I was born in Mexico, and I am proud that my country won their first ever gold medal in soccer, and their first gold medal of these Olympics… that’s why.” You would think he would stop there… nope! He followed up with, “well, if you are in this country, you should support THIS country.” Fair enough, and I will give the man props because he was wearing his Ralph Lauren USA shirt on… and then I remembered the story we did on the show so I said, “well, sir, you keep up that support by wearing your team USA shirt… that was made in China.” The cashier laughed, handed me the receipt, and I walked out as the man smirked… he knew it was all in good fun. Boom!

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