What a hectic first day back. Kinsey ended up going to the doctor. Let’s play a game called: Will Kinsey listen to J-Si Next Time. I know, I am a lil conservative with money, and we all know that to see a doctor, you have to pay them about half your salary… even if you have insurance or not (shout out). Kinsey was insisting that she go to the doc, which is Ok, but I was telling her that all they will say is that she has food poisoning and to rest up, drink plenty of fluids, and eat lightly. Well, I don’t mean to boast or pretend to be super awesome, but Kinsey went to the doctor and guess what they said? They said, “Kinsey, you have food poisoning. Just rest up, drink plenty of fluids, and watch what you eat so you don’t upset your stomach.” Boom! Like a boss! So we paid a guy to tell Kinsey exactly what I was telling her over the phone. But, it is better to be safe than sorry.

It was one of those days where the fact that we have no family here with us became very evident. I was at work, her sister was at work, and that’s the extent of our family here. So there’s Kinsey, not being able to hold any food down… and having to take care of the baby. It was also one of those days where you realize that we have some good friends, even if it is people we just met. Yup, Kinsey called our new baby play date neighbors for help. Oh, did I mention that she did this at 7 am? Our neighbors were so nice, and took Cason in for the day. I will admit that I did not know where Cason was until I got home at 2 pm. Ha. We had to do a bunch of flip-flopping. Kinsey ended up being taken to the doctor by her friend, because I was running late. So then I had to go pick up my sister in law’s boyfriend from the airport, which was what Kinsey was supposed to do. By the time I got home, Kinsey was back in bed, and I went over and picked up Cason, after Kinsey told me where he was. I walked in and he was sitting next to our neighbor’s daughter trying to grab her booty… I don’t know where he picked up those manners.

I may have been running on fumes yesterday due to the zero amount of sleep I got during Kinsey Puke-a-Palooza. The lack of sleep made me forget to watch Bachelor Pad and Shark Week… I did watch a pre-season football game where only 3 points were scored. I would call my day a slight fail.